Look but Don’t Touch (Touch Series Book 1) by Cara Dee

Look but Don’t Touch (Touch Series Book 1) by Cara Dee

Look but Don't Touch Cover

5 out of 5 Stars

Nicholas Ford is trying to settle down with a nice woman. He’s a successful club owner in his mid-thirties, and his girlfriend thinks it’s time to take the next step in their relationship—moving in with him. But Nick has made himself miserable in this new life by denying his true nature. Attending an event at his BDSM club for Daddies and Littles seals the deal for him. He not only realizes what he’s been missing, but he also meets Kayla, a sweet, unattached Little.

Attending his girlfriend’s sister’s wedding the following day, Nick once again runs into Kayla, who happens to be a cousin of the bride and his girlfriend. Neither Nick nor Kayla can deny their attraction to each other, and what follows will have you toweling off from all the heat.

Daddy/Little stories are not something I read too often as that particular fetish doesn’t interest me very much. This one, however, was so well done all I wanted was more. Look but Don’t Touch is only about 15,000 words according to the summary. We get a good look into Nick’s head, understanding how he came to be so miserable in his current relationship, but his relationship with Kayla is only getting started when the story ends. What we do see is hot as hell though, and it also gives a good glimpse into how a Daddy/Little relationship works.

Having read some of Cara’s work previously, I wasn’t disappointed with this story—other than wanting more of it. Had this been a full-length novel, I would’ve kept right on reading.

Happy reading!



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