Someone Else’s Fairytale (Book 1) by E.M. Tippetts

Someone Else’s Fairytale (Book 1) by E.M. Tippetts

Someone Else's Fairytale Cover

4 out of 5 Stars

Jason Vanderholt is Hollywood’s hottest actor and could have any woman he wants—any woman except Chloe Winters. A twenty-one-year-old focused on her studies, Chloe couldn’t care less about Jason’s good looks or his wealth. Every attempt he makes to get to know her falls flat when he tries to use his Hollywood charm.

When Chloe forces him to be himself—just a regular guy—the pair become good friends. Although Jason wants more, he accepts Chloe’s friendship for a time. He eventually makes his feelings known … and gets rejected. But Chloe, with help from her somewhat estranged mother, realizes her true feelings, and a relationship finally blossoms.

Someone Else’s Fairytale is a sweet story with some heavy sub-plots. I enjoyed the intricacies of the various plots, but sometimes felt there wasn’t enough focus on the main characters’ relationship, leaving me not one hundred percent convinced of their love for each other.

Chloe is a somewhat confused character. She’s not confused about her stance on premarital sex; she sticks to her guns that she’s not interested in it, even when faced with a boyfriend who is older and very experienced, thanks to her own childhood. But when it comes to love and even friendship, she doesn’t have a clue. It’s made clear to the reader that her best friend Matthew is interested in her, yet she doesn’t see it for quite some time. Nor does she see Jason’s interest in her. To add to her confusion, she suddenly decides she’s in love with Matthew out of the blue. Then she pushes Jason away, only to realize she loves him after she watches his movies—which seems even odder coming from a woman who had no interest in his celebrity status and even poked fun at his fake tan.

The story is written in a different style than I’m used to, and it took some time to get into the constant back and forth dialogue. There were many times where it was difficult to determine who said what and I’d have to backtrack to figure it out.

All that said, I read through the story pretty quickly because I didn’t want to put it down. I enjoyed the various plots, especially Chloe’s relationships with her mother and Jason’s niece. I just wish her character had been more definitive about what she wanted in a romantic relationship instead of constantly focusing on what she didn’t want. In the end, I was happy to see both Chloe and Jason’s fairytales come to life.

Happy reading!



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