Author Alexandra Richland

Today will feature several posts spotlighting author Alexandra Richland and her Starlight Trilogy, ending with the cover reveal for the last installment of the trilogy, Stardust.

About the Author:

Alexandra Richland spends rotating twelve-hour shifts working as a registered nurse at a Toronto hospital, indulging in her love of science and medicine, and caring for patients with their own unique tales to tell.

When she is not on duty, Alexandra escapes into her own imagination. Therein lies a fantasy world of thrilling adventure, gorgeous men, classic Hollywood glamour, exotic getaways, and a seductive dose of romance. Alexandra captures these stories in her popular novels, The Starlight Trilogy and Frontline, her novella Slip Away, and her short story, Gilded Cage.

Alexandra can be found at:

Facebook, Twitter, or her official website

Five Reasons To Read The Starlight Trilogy:

  1. A sweeping Technicolor tale of forbidden romance.
  1. A detailed homage to the Golden Age of Hollywood cinema.
  1. Cameos from many of your favorite classic film stars.
  1. Transformation of a small town girl to silver screen starlet through Hollywood’s unforgiving lens.

5. Close-up of a 1950s bad boy channeling a tragic past and the stress of sudden super stardom through the art of Method acting.

Happy reading!


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