One More Day (The Alexanders #1) by M. Malone

One More Day (The Alexanders #1) by M. Malone

One More Day Cover

4 out of 5 Stars

A search for Ridley Wells’ father ends up putting her life in danger, but she has no idea why. She runs to the only place she can think of—her twin sister’s house. But her sister is halfway around the world on a modeling shoot. Kind widower and father Jackson Alexander takes Ridley in, thinking she’s his neighbor, Raina, and Ridley plays along just for a safe place to stay.

Sparks between Ridley and Jackson fly, but Jackson is closed off to loving again after losing his wife. Somehow Ridley continues to get under his skin, and he gives in to temptation when Ridley offers him just one night. Of course, that’s not nearly enough for either of them, so their romance continues as they try to figure out why someone is after Ridley. Jackson’s brother, Nick, doesn’t make things easy for them when he continues to have suspicions about Ridley even after she comes clean that she’s actually Raina’s twin.

When Nick brings irrefutable evidence to Jackson that Ridley’s been stealing from him, Jackson kicks her out. Jackson and his brothers examine the evidence more closely and realize they’ve just put Ridley in the path of danger. They need to get to her in time to save her from the threat.

One More Day was well written, enjoyable, and hot. The author didn’t make us wait too long with teasing and pushing away before the main characters decided to go for it. The intimate scenes were nicely worked into the plot and not too overdone. I liked that this story wasn’t full of “does s/he like me or not?” The characters knew the attraction was there and were confident even if other things held them back.

I did notice that the characters had a habit of talking to themselves. It felt awkward every time one of them said something out loud when they were alone.

There were a few plot points that could have been done a little better, which is why I didn’t rate this as five stars. In the beginning, Ridley is searching for her father. When she finally finds out his identity, it feels like that information is just left hanging. We also are never told how Ridley became friends with David, the Private Investigator. Since he ends up being important to the story, I would have liked to find out more about their relationship. Ridley also isn’t very careful with her identity when she’s supposed to be hiding out. She allows Jackson to introduce her to everyone as Ridley instead of Raina.

Overall, I enjoyed this story. There was a nice amount of suspense weaved in throughout the romance, and even when I figured out what was going on, the how was still in question. I’d read more by this author.

Happy reading!



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