Deeper (The Deeper Chronicles) by Allyn Lesley

Deeper (The Deeper Chronicles) by Allyn Lesley

Deeper Cover

4 out of 5 Stars

*I was gifted an ARC of Deeper in exchange for an honest review.*

Avianna Linton has come to New York City for a fresh start as an elementary school teacher, looking to live her life with no complications. But hanging out with her new friend Sophie adds complications—namely, Noah Adams. Noah is a powerful man who doesn’t take no for an answer, and he’s decided he wants Avi. The attraction is mutual, but Avi pushes him away, until she can’t resist him any longer.

Avi keeps her past a secret, and Noah is not very forthcoming about his business. Their worlds collide in several ways, drawing them together and then pushing them apart. Avi will have to decide whether her love for Noah is strong enough to overlook what he does for a living or if she needs to walk away.

Deeper certainly lives up to its name with its multi-leveled suspense. The story includes several plot lines that all come together in the end but keep you guessing for a while. It is well written with a very strong alpha male character and quite a bit of intrigue.

Noah is the kind of character you love to hate, which makes me love him more. And Avi standing up to him is something he’s not used to, which makes me love her more. She’s strong at times and needy at others, but as her past is slowly revealed you understand why she’s closed herself off the way she has.

This is a great debut from Allyn Lesley, and I look forward to reading the second installment.

Happy reading!


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