The Vanilla Bet by Ella Emerson

The Vanilla Bet by Ella Emerson

The Vanilla Bet Cover

1 out of 5 Stars

I need to start by saying I abandoned this book at ten percent. I don’t often abandon books, but I could not continue with this one. I wanted to give up after the first chapter. I chugged along to chapter two and had an even stronger urge to put it down. Made it through chapter three before I finally had enough.

This book is so horribly edited it’s difficult to read. It is a self-pub book, but it lists an editing company. I went online to look up the editing company to try to give the author a little credit, assuming the editor was to blame. But it appears that the author is responsible for the editing company. There were errors in the sample work on the editing company’s website, so I knew the book wasn’t going to get any better. They have no idea how to punctuate dialogue or use an em dash. The word “then” was used in place of “than.”

The story itself is also disjointed. It skips all over the place and is confusing. The dialogue and writing are unnatural. It feels like reading a fifth grade writing assignment instead of a published book. And since I didn’t get too far into the plot, I can only comment that the beginning of the plot is too cliché. The hero is a playboy who doesn’t date, yet he has an instant attraction to the heroine. He loses a bet and is supposed to date her for one month, but he walks out of the party with another woman. Then he decides he can’t be with the other woman because he’s thinking of the heroine. The heroine, of course, is also instantly attracted to the hero. Her car breaks down so she has to walk, and then she breaks the heel of her shoe. The hero happens to be the only person who drives by, and instead of driving her home he takes her out for coffee. Her shoe is still broken, but I guess she doesn’t mind walking around like that.

I don’t necessarily like reviewing books I abandon since I can’t give a full opinion. This one I felt I read enough of to be able to say it’s a do not read based on not only the plot, but the editing as well.

Happy reading!



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