His Defiant Princess (Royal Holiday Book 3) by Kathleen O’Brien

His Defiant Princess (Royal Holiday Book 3) by Kathleen O’Brien

His Defiant Princess Cover

5 out of 5 Stars

*I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

To escape issues in her past, Brenna Tinley has moved to the fictional kingdom of Cornetta with her best friend and set up a PR firm. Cornetta is the one place she remembers a happy time in her life—the three months she spent falling in love with Ron Vee, who left her without a word nine years ago. Upon her return to Cornetta, she discovers the reason. Ron Vee is really Ronan Vicenza, second in line to the throne of Cornetta.

Ronan, the Rogue Prince, never extinguished the torch he carries for Brenna, but royal duties call and he knows they can’t truly be together. The pair has to work together when Brenna’s firm is called in to handle a PR mess for the royal family, and Brenna and Ronan will need to either fight their feelings or set a new path for their future.

His Defiant Princess is a well written romance spanning nine years, although we only see the current situation. The author is able to make us understand Brenna and Ronan’s love without providing specific scenes from the past.

Both main characters are strong in this book. I love that Brenna has high standards for her clients, and that carries over into her personal life. After having to deal with a scoundrel for an ex-husband, she’s unwilling to accept anything below her standards. Ronan is a fun character. His aloofness in certain areas keeps the reader entertained, yet it’s clear he can be serious when the situation calls for it. Even with his playboy ways, he’s one hundred percent committed to his familial duties.

I also like the secondary characters in this story. Emory, Ronan’s older brother, is mostly all business and typically the model prince—until he accidentally says something on live TV that he needs to apologize for. Brenna handles him nicely though, and she even gets him to loosen up a bit. Brenna’s relationship with the queen adds a nice touch, showing how Brenna fits right in with the royal family.

If there’s anything about the story I didn’t like, it’s the abrupt ending. I thought it could have used a little more before wrapping up, and a small epilogue would have been nice. I don’t think the title is a good fit for this book, but I read it anyway and still enjoyed it.

His Defiant Princess is a must read for anyone who enjoys modern day fairytales.

Happy reading!



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