If You Dare by Evelyn Troy

If You Dare by Evelyn Troy

If You Dare Cover

2 out of 5 Stars

Zoe is fed up with her job as a PA, and she decides she wants to travel the world. In order to do that, she quits in dramatic fashion, demanding severance from her boss and even going so far as to try to blackmail him. But Dawson Alexander isn’t used to being treated like that, and he decides to show Zoe exactly what he’s been doing behind closed doors with all of the women she’s seen come and go.

Dawson opens Zoe’s eyes to a new world of sexual desires, but Zoe needs to decide if she can continue the steamy relationship or if she should move on with her original plan.

If You Dare is a BDSM story and not for the faint of heart. Although it is certainly steamy, there are a lot of things not done right. I’m not an expert on BDSM, but here are my problems with If You Dare:

  • At no time does Dawson discuss limits with Zoe. After she bursts into his office and quits, he just starts to play with her without giving her any indication of what he’s going to do. He doesn’t give her a safe word during their first interaction.
  • Although he does give her a safe word during their second interaction, she actually has to use it. Again, there is no discussion of limits.
  • The third time they are together, Dawson takes her to a play party without having told her beforehand where they’re going or what to expect. And then he just lets her loose to do whatever. He doesn’t indicate what behavior would be acceptable or unacceptable to him, leaving her wondering at every turn if he has a problem with what she’s doing.
  • There is never a time in the story where anyone discusses protection, contraception, or diseases. Zoe hooks up with random “new friends” at the play party without having discussed any of this.

I wasn’t in love with the author’s writing style. There was constant use of phrases like “if she was watching she would have seen …” This is totally unnecessary when writing in third person. I also didn’t like that technically Zoe was still working for Dawson while they carried on this relationship, and we come to find out he was using it as a trial period to see if she could handle a more important job. I don’t see how her performance in sexual activities had anything to do with her job performance. That was a total turn-off for me.

The smut factor was high in this book, so if that’s what you’re looking for in a story you might enjoy it. If You Dare didn’t do it for me though. I need a more realistic story to go along with the smut.

Happy reading!



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