The Widow by Colette L. Saucier

The Widow by Colette L. Saucier

Amazon link not available – publish date 7/6/15

5 out of 5 Stars

*I was provided an ARC of The Widow in exchange for an honest review.*

Undercover DEA Agent David Alvarez—a.k.a. David Rodriguez—has been working on bringing down the Sonora cartel for the last four years. When his main contact is killed, he’s assigned by the family to babysit the man’s widow Catherine. David has made a point to stay away from Catherine for the last four years after having an instant attraction to her when they met at the beginning of his assignment.

Catherine Martinez only wants to return to her family once her husband is killed, but she’s wanted by her husband’s family, the DEA, and possibly a rival cartel. David’s protection is the only thing keeping her alive, even though she hates him for bringing her back into the world she wants to leave. She wants to trust David with her life and her heart, but he’s been lying to her and putting her in danger. And now the DEA wants to use her to help bring down the senior members of the Sonora cartel. David will need to find a way to get them both out alive.

The Widow is a gripping novel of love and betrayal. With David working undercover, he constantly has to be careful of what he says and who he says it to, even as his relationship with Catherine grows. Once his position with the DEA is revealed, Catherine still isn’t sure what she can trust—and neither is David. Each has to fight through the lies to find the truth while working to save their lives. The story is full of angst within their relationship, keeping you on the edge of your seat each time you turn a page.

I loved the heroine of this story. Catherine may look weak and ignorant at first glance, but underneath she’s actually tough and smart. She is able to outsmart David on more than one occasion, and she plays the part assigned to her by the DEA with ease even when it’s the last thing she wants to do.

There were a few minor drawbacks in The Widow. In a few places a scene is repeated from the other character’s point of view, and there was some backtracking, which made it a little difficult to follow exactly what was going on. At some points, the lack of dialogue tags made it hard to be sure who was speaking. I did like the realism of the families speaking Spanish though. (Don’t worry, it’s written in English but you can clearly tell when they are speaking Spanish through the use of italics.) It gave the story a true feel, and it had the added advantage of being a plot point. Catherine didn’t know Spanish and felt excluded. Also, she wasn’t able to provide much information when she couldn’t translate what was said in front of her.

The Widow is a worthwhile read if you enjoy a little angst, a lot of suspense, and a good love story. This novel will be published on July 6, 2015.

Happy reading!



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