Favorite Places (TroubleMaker Book 2) by Kelly Gendron

Favorite Places (TroubleMaker Book 2) by Kelly Gendron

Favorite Places Cover

3 out of 5 Stars

Jessina Landi doesn’t get close to anyone—literally. She needs a three-foot comfort zone thanks to issues in her past. So why doesn’t she mind bumping into Chase Lennox on the trolley? It doesn’t matter, because Chase’s luggage is stolen along with Jessina’ wallet, and Jessina’s aunt’s ashes are dumped all over the parking lot. Six months later, Jessina finds millionaire Chase to let him know someone played a joke on them with the stolen items. They’re married. And Jess needs an annulment.

Chase isn’t so quick to grant the annulment though. He needs to show a potential contractor that he’s a family man, and wholesome Jess is perfect to play the part of his wife. Even though he never—ever—wanted to be married, he convinces Jess to remain his wife for three weeks to land his contract. Now Chase needs to decide if he can trust Jess and let her into his heart or if she’s just another gold-digger like all of the women in his past.

Favorite Places had lots of potential with a good plot, but it didn’t deliver all I expected. A lot of things about it felt unnatural. The dialogue during intimate scenes was over the top. There was way too much internal dialogue from both characters. The relationship between Chase and Jessina felt awkward since the only things they ever did were yell at each other or get turned on. I never quite felt the love that was supposedly growing between them.

There were a good amount of editing mistakes, which drew my attention away from the story as well.

I also didn’t like the epilogue since it clearly was meant as a vehicle for introducing the next book in the series. Aside from that, the story did a good job of being stand-alone within a series. I didn’t need to read the first book to understand the plot or the characters.

Three stars for a good plot that wasn’t executed properly.

Happy reading!



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