The Tycoon’s Revenge (Baby for the Billionaire Book 1) by Melody Anne

The Tycoon’s Revenge (Baby for the Billionaire Book 1) by Melody Anne

The Tycoon's Revenge Cover

2 out of 5 Stars

Jasmine Freeman has worked hard for what she has, never taking anything from her wealthy father. After the love of her life left ten years ago, she put herself through school while raising their son on her own. Now Derek Titan has waltzed back into her life, and he’s turning everything upside down.

After being betrayed by Jasmine ten years ago, Derek vowed to get revenge on her and her father. Buying her father’s company out from under him is only the first part of Derek’s plan. He also wants to sleep with Jasmine and throw her away, just like he thinks she did to him all those years ago. But he didn’t count on still being in love with her, or Jasmine having a nine-year-old son who looks just like Derek at that age.

The Tycoon’s Revenge is a contemporary romance that had a good plot idea but was lacking proper execution. The entire plot was based on the fact that Derek took Jasmine’s father’s word as truth, even though he already knew her father wasn’t trustworthy. To further the misunderstanding, when Jasmine and Derek were reunited, there were a ton of opportunities for them to straighten out what happened ten years ago, but neither of them would talk about it. Too predictable and too drawn-out.

On top of that, the entire story was essentially about how these two adults couldn’t keep their hands off each other. I’m fine with a book that contains lots of sex; I enjoy it. But it needs to be done realistically, and this book wasn’t. Jasmine, who had only ever slept with Derek, somehow just allows Derek to have sex with her in his office without meaning to. And then she slaps him, as if it were his fault she encouraged him. That’s a running theme in the book. It didn’t matter how mad the characters were at each other. They just fell into bed and forgot to talk. If the plot revolved around two sex-addicts, I might have believed this. In this case, it definitely didn’t work.

This book also could have used some more editing. There were minor grammatical mistakes, but a good editor would have also picked up on the inconsistencies in the story. For example, in one scene Jasmine has her hair in a bun, but a little later on the same day she’s brushing her hair while she’s in the bathroom during lunch. Her son’s wrestling match was extremely confusing. The meet started at four o’clock, and Jasmine was asked to make food for after the meet. While she was standing over the food she prepared, the coach asked if she wanted to have a pizza party for the kids later, and it was implied there would be enough time for dinner—after a four o’clock meet and after eating the food she already brought. Then they were back to being realistic about the time, with Jasmine saying it was bedtime as soon as they got home.

I just couldn’t enjoy the story with so much pulling me out of it. Two stars for this contemporary romance.

Happy reading!



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