Dishabille (Apprivoisé Book 1) by Arden Aoide

Dishabille (Apprivoisé Book 1) by Arden Aoide

Dishabille Cover

2 out of 5 Stars

Divorced and mother to a fifteen-year-old daughter, Dahlia is ready to move on with her life and find something for herself. She wants to be a sub, but she also wants a relationship with the man who is going to dominate her. Alex has pretty much given up on being a Dom, until his sister, the owner of a BDSM club, gives him Dahlia’s phone number and urges him to call or text.

A few shared text messages have Dahlia and Alex ready to give their relationship a try. And when they click on a personal level in addition to playing together, they both realize they have found their match.

Dishabille is the first book in the contemporary erotic romance BDSM series Apprivoisé. While the erotic scenes of this story were exciting and well done, the romance was a bit too instantaneous to be realistic. Dahlia and Alex became engaged within a week of their first text message, even before Dahlia could introduce Alex to her daughter. I didn’t connect with the characters’ relationship in any way before they were declaring their love. There wasn’t anything in their first few days of text messaging that really connected them on a romantic level.

The only real conflict in the book was when Dahlia walked into Alex’s room and found his ex-girlfriend in a compromising position, and it was completely cliché. Dahlia got the wrong idea, ran away, and Alex had to chase after her and explain the real situation. On the plus side, the resolution wasn’t dragged out. Dahlia accepted his explanation immediately.

The BDSM aspect was missing something. Not once did the characters discuss their limits, and it seemed odd that Alex gave Miranda the scarf and she could wear it to signal when she wanted to play. As the sub in the relationship, that didn’t seem appropriate. Their sexual exploits felt more like a little kink than an actual Dom/sub relationship—but I’m not a BDSM expert.

The secondary characters weren’t worked into the story very well. It was clear from the first chapter that the author was setting Alex’s sister Miranda and Dahlia’s ex-husband Nick up to be the subject of the next book. Every interaction with either of those characters felt like it was only there to hook you in for the next installment. Sadly, it didn’t grip me nearly enough to read on. The entire epilogue focused on Miranda and Nick, setting the plot for book two.

There were also some minor grammatical errors, and the formatting made it difficult for me to read the sections with text messages.

If you enjoy instant romance with some hot kink, you may enjoy this story. Unfortunately, it didn’t do it for me.

Happy reading!



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