Jaked (Jaked Book 1) by Sabrina Stark

Jaked (Jaked Book 1) by Sabrina Stark

Jaked Cover

4 out of 5 Stars

*I was gifted a copy of Jaked by the author. I am not compensated for my honest opinion.*

Luna Moon has been in love with Jake Bishop since she was twelve and he saved her from some bad boys. She hasn’t seen him since she was seventeen and he blew her off. Now that she’s all grown up and totally over him, Jake walks back into her life and takes it over. Luna’s gotten herself into some trouble, and she doesn’t even realize it. But Jake wants to keep her safe. She’ll need to keep her wits about her if she wants to remain friendly with the now wealthy Jake without losing her heart in the process.

Jaked was an interesting contemporary romance. It’s a second chance romance since the hero and heroine knew each other when they were younger, and Luna has always been in love with Jake. Now that she’s older and wiser, she is trying her best to resist Jake’s charms because she knows he brings a world of trouble with him.

Jake was always a bad boy, but now he’s turned that bad boy image into a way to make a ton of money. I enjoyed trying to put the pieces of Jake’s life together with Luna as she tried to figure out exactly what it was Jake did for a living. The story had tons of amusing sarcasm and interesting characters, but since Jake had a habit of never giving a straight answer—or in most cases never giving any answer—it was difficult to determine who was telling the truth and exactly what Jake’s intentions were. I didn’t blame Luna for questioning why he was really with her.

Although Jake was a known player, I liked that this wasn’t a typical romance where he immediately changes his ways and goes after the heroine. He actually understands he’s no good for her and does his best to make her see that.

The author’s writing style was different and somewhat enjoyable. Most chapters were short, and they were heavy on dialogue with a lot of back and forth discussion between the characters without feeling like they were ever making progress, although that was mostly because Jake continually dodged every question thrown at him. Unfortunately, the story was missing a bit of character development due to the dialogue-heavy style. There was plenty of description of Jake’s body, but I honestly couldn’t remember if the author ever even told us the color of his hair.

There were some minor editing issues like missing or extra words or incorrect punctuation, but they didn’t take too much away from the plot. The story is continued in the next book, Jake Me, which the author was also kind enough to gift to me. Overall, I did enjoy the story since it was so different from most other romances out there today.

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Christmas With You (Due South Book 4) by Tracey Alvarez

Christmas With You (Due South Book 4) by Tracey Alvarez

Christmas With You Cover

5 out of 5 Stars

*I was provided a copy of Christmas With You by the author in exchange for an honest review. I am not compensated for my honest opinion.*

Carly Gatlin came to Oban to be close to what’s left of her family. She’s been close to her stepmother and one of her stepbrothers for years, but now she’d like to get closer to her other stepbrother, Ryan Westlake—or West, as he likes to be called—who she barely knows. With Christmas approaching and everyone going their own way, Carly’s become a Grinch as she tries to push back memories of her father so she won’t hurt as much. But Due South’s sexy bartender Kip and his family won’t let her forget. They’ll do everything they can to help her keep the good memories alive and surround her with the loving family she’s always wanted.

Kip Sullivan is happy to spend another birthday and Christmas hundreds of miles away from his family who don’t understand his reasons for leaving them. When they show up on Stewart Island unannounced and plan to stay for a while, he may finally have to make his parents see things from his perspective. His family takes his coworker Carly under their wing, making it impossible for him to deny his growing feelings for her.

Having read several of Ms. Alvarez’s books, I knew I could count on her to provide a well written contemporary romance with a happy ending. Christmas With You didn’t disappoint in this aspect. Although this one is novella length, it still provided all of the aspects that make a good romance. There was attraction between the main characters with a good pace to the developing relationship, but there was also more to the plot than just romance. Both of the main characters had family issues to resolve before they could be truly happy with themselves and their relationship.

The Due South series to this point has encompassed mostly the people who lived on Stewart Island or were coming home to the island. One thing I loved about this book was that both main characters were outsiders, but still able to call the island home. Kip moved away from home two years prior and ended up as a bartender in Oban. Carly no longer had much of a home in the US after her father passed away and her stepbrother and stepmother moved to Oban, so she followed them in order to have some family. Yet both Kip and Carly felt a connection to the island—whether through family or a sense of fitting in—making their story feel like a cohesive part of the series. All of the books in the series are standalone, but you’ll get the best reading experience by reading them in order.

The main characters were both likeable people, and Ms. Alvarez did a great job of bringing the heat between them. Their first sexual encounter practically sizzled off the page. I loved that Kip had an undeserved reputation for being a player. Instead of using the contrived player-turned-relationship guy, Kip was truly a one-woman kind of man who didn’t let his lust for Carly get in the way of creating a meaningful relationship with her. But don’t count him out as a hot alpha male. Bossy Kip was an incredible turn-on!

Romance fans who enjoy a little more to the plot will love this book. I highly recommend it along with all of Ms. Alvarez’s other books. All of my reviews for Tracey Alvarez can be found by selecting her name from the Author Spotlight tab.

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The Doll by J.C. Martin

The Doll by J.C. Martin

The Doll Cover

5 out of 5 Stars

Joyce Parker takes her daughter Taylor on a vacation, and one of their stops is a strange island in Mexico called The Island of the Dolls. Hundreds of dolls hang from the trees in various states of decomposition. Their tour guide tells the story of a little girl who drowned on the island and the man—who also drowned—who built the shrine of dolls for the little girl. Then he warns them not to touch any of the dolls before letting them look around the island.

Strange things begin happening once Joyce and Taylor return home, all surrounding the dolls and the island. When Taylor begins acting weird and talking to new imaginary friends, Joyce digs into the legends surrounding the shrine on the island and doesn’t like what she finds. One of the dolls from the shrine shows up in Taylor’s room, and there is only one thing left for Joyce to do to return things to normal: she has to return to the island and put the doll back in its place.

The Doll is a horror novella that will leave you with a distrust for dolls, and perhaps swimming. The story is creepy, the dolls even more so. The events that occur once Joyce and Taylor return home will leave you guessing as to what is going on and what is going to happen, but there will be no doubt they are all related to The Island of the Dolls. The ending to the story—which I won’t give away—is definitely freaky.

Although I found a bunch of editing mistakes, mostly tense changes, I was so wrapped up in the plot I was able to overlook all of that. The story is otherwise well written. It’s been a while since I enjoyed a good horror story. This one definitely fit the bill. I’d recommend it for any horror fan, and I would definitely read more by this author.

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No Way Back by Rick Mofina

No Way Back by Rick Mofina

No Way Back Cover

5 out of 5 Stars

Tom Reed has spent most of his life reporting on crime. On the day he plans to quit his job as a San Francisco journalist, he’s thrust in the middle of the story of a lifetime—a jewelry store robbery with a hostage taken. One more case shouldn’t be a problem, until Tom realizes that the hostage is his wife. Instead of reporting on the story, Tom finds himself as a one-man investigative team, fighting for his wife’s life.

After killing their getaway man and a police officer, the thieves start on a cross-country journey with their hostage, trying to throw police off their game so they can get to their delivery point and get out of the country. But hostage Ann Reed isn’t giving up so easily. While she fights for her life directly against her captors, her husband continues to put the pieces together to try to save her. Tom will do anything to get his wife back, including trading his own life for hers.

No Way Back is the kind of suspense thriller that draws you in immediately and doesn’t let go. The action is non-stop, and you can feel the characters’ emotions—everything from despair to joy and elation. I was completely enthralled in this story from beginning to end, and when the breaks in the case began coming in and all the pieces of the puzzle were put together, I couldn’t put the book down. I was riveted right up until the last word.

Having previously read another of Mr. Mofina’s stories, Cold Fear, I was unsure of what to expect from this book. Like Cold Fear, we meet a lot of different players in No Way Back, and each is given a fair amount of backstory. Unlike Cold Fear, I didn’t feel that there were too many people being introduced in this story. Perhaps that was because I was already familiar with two of the main players, Tom Reed and Walt Sydowski, from Cold Fear (I hadn’t realized at first that these books were part of a series, but each can be read as a standalone), or perhaps the author did a better job of making the characters important this time. I didn’t feel as overwhelmed with information while reading No Way Back, and the characters who had a lot of details provided seemed to be more present in the story.

The fast-paced plot kept me on my toes trying to figure out who the thieves/murderers/hostage-takers were right along with Tom and Walt. I loved watching Tom try to take matters into his own hands, willing to give up anything to get his wife back. He also used his investigative skills and his connections with other reporters to gain information.

There were a few minor editing mistakes in the book, but nothing that detracted from the reading experience.

Overall, this story sucked me in and didn’t let go. After reading one book by this author that was just okay (Cold Fear, review can be found here) and this one, I would definitely read more by this author.

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Immersion Therapy (Billionaire Dominance Book 3) by Abi Aiken & Rozlyn Sparks – Release Blitz & Teasers

Immersion Therapy (Billionaire Dominance Book 3) by Abi Aiken & Rozlyn Sparks


Title: Immersion Therapy

Series: Billionaire Dominance Book 3

Author: Abi Aiken & Rozlyn Sparks

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Until recently everything in Christina Pocock’s life—including sex—has been strictly business; a safe zone where she called all the shots. Submission Therapy ruined all of that. Now, there’s nothing that compares to the rush she experiences when she gives herself over to her Master.

In his capable hands, anything is possible. Serenity. Healing. Subspace.

But now he’s asking something she’s not sure she’s ready—or even able—to give. Total immersion. Accepting him as Master, even outside the bedroom.

Now Ms. Bad Girl Billionaire has a choice to make. Fully embrace the splendor that is submission…or lose her Master and the mind-blowing sex they have. Forever.


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Also Available

Submission Therapy

(Billionaire Dominance Book One)


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Occupational Therapy

(Billionaire Dominance Book Two)


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Silk Over Razor Blades (Saar’s Legacy Book 1) by Ileandra Young

Silk Over Razor Blades (Saar’s Legacy Book 1) by Ileandra Young

Silk Over Razor Blades Cover

5 out of 5 Stars

*I was provided a copy of Silk Over Razor Blades by the author in exchange for an honest review. I am not compensated for my honest opinion.*

With only weeks to go until her wedding, Lenina Miller has plenty of issues to deal with. But being followed and attacked in the park near her home puts thoughts of her upcoming nuptials out of her mind. Her attacker bites her neck, but Lenina fights back, biting the hand he uses to keep her quiet. The ingestion of his blood causes changes in Lenina—dreams of a man on the battlefield in ancient Egypt that feel real and a thirst for blood she can’t control.

When Lenina’s attacker comes back to finish her off, she finds she’s not only stronger than ever before but she also has a strange link to the grubby man. Her attraction to one of the investigating officers confuses her even more. As her dreams intensify, the pieces begin to fall into place. Lenina has inherited the soul of a man named Saar, and Saar plans to use her body to fulfill his own agenda. Lenina will need to fight hard to control Saar and take down those who oppose Saar’s return.

Silk Over Razor Blades is a fabulous debut novel by Ileandra Young. It is a strangely wonderful mix of urban fantasy, historical, and paranormal. The base of the book is set in present day London, but through Lenina’s dreams we are taken back to 30 BC as the story of Saar unfolds. The addition of vampires—though they call themselves “God-gifted”—adds a distinct twist because they are nothing like what you’ve seen before. This story also isn’t your typical hero/heroine formula. In fact, who is good and evil is difficult to determine.

I was drawn into this book right from the start, and the twists and turns kept me on my toes and intrigued throughout. The story is extremely well written, bringing the reader right into the scene with the characters. I was able to feel the confusion, the pain, and the wounds right along with Lenina. I enjoyed the way we learned only bits of Saar’s life at a time, and the reverse order of his revelations fit perfectly into what Lenina needed to know and understand.

This book was written using British English, so American grammar nerds like myself will have to adjust to the use of single quotation marks, but it is well worth it. There were only minor editing and formatting issues, certainly not enough to detract from the reading experience. The dialogue was very well done with a natural feel to conversations and no confusion over who was speaking.

Silk Over Razor Blades was a truly fantastic debut novel. I look forward to reading more by this author, including book two of the series. There was no cliffhanger ending to book one. It ends with most issues resolved, yet leaves enough plot left to follow these characters into the next book. I highly recommend this book.

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Breathless (Blue Fire Saga Book 1) by Scott Prussing

Breathless (Blue Fire Saga Book 1) by Scott Prussing

Breathless Cover

5 out of 5 Stars

Leesa Nyland has never had what most would call a normal life. Her mother hides in the dark and won’t go outside during the daytime, claiming she was bitten by a one-fanged vampire eighteen years ago while she was pregnant with Leesa. Now Leesa is moving to Connecticut for college to be closer to her aunt and uncle, but also to search for her brother Bradley who disappeared without a trace after sending Leesa an email saying not to look for him.

Not long after starting college, Leesa meets two strange but intriguing men: Rave and Stefan. Rave warns Leesa to stay away from Stefan, claiming he’s a vampire. With Leesa’s family history, she doesn’t immediately dismiss the notion. As her attraction to Rave grows, she finds out he’s keeping some secrets of his own.

With the help of her Vampire Science professor, Rave, and even Stefan, Leesa continues to search for her brother. In the process she stumbles onto information that might cure her mother. But with Rave and Stefan being sworn enemies, Leesa will have to make some tough decisions if she wants to save her brother and help her mother.

Breathless is not just another teenage vampire novel; in fact, the vampire in this story is not even the hero. But it is a story about vampires and other paranormal creatures that had me intrigued right from the start. I loved the different spin the author took in this plot. There are two other creatures that feature prominently—grafhym, which are one-fanged vampires with lesser powers, and volkaanes, which are extremely powerful vampire hunters who have fire within them. Rave, the hero of Breathless, is a volkaane, which adds a different twist to the romantic aspect. He can’t touch Leesa until he’s ready to tell her his secret because she’d immediately feel the heat his body gives off. He also has to be extremely careful while kissing her because the fire inside of him is used through a kiss to kill vampires and could easily kill Leesa if he’s not careful.

This story mixes the romance between Rave and Leesa with Leesa’s search for her brother and information on what might have actually happened to her mother eighteen years ago. The plots are all nicely entwined. While Leesa is adjusting to life in college and making new friends, she’s also exploring her relationship with Rave and hunting down clues to her brother’s disappearance. Her professor agrees to help her, and in the mean time he also happens upon some information related to her mother. I loved watching Leesa go from a shy loner to a somewhat more outgoing friend, all while asserting herself and making life or death decisions regarding her family and herself.

I had very few complaints while reading this book, but in all fairness I’ll share them with you. The story was told in third person point of view, which is good for capturing more than the main character’s thoughts. At times, the points of view were mixed together in the same section, making it slightly difficult to follow. Not a huge deal though. There were a few scenes from a random character’s point of view that I thought could have been removed. For example, not showing us how the young vampire escaped and went on his spree would have left more intrigue while the main characters were trying to figure out what happened to the missing girls.

My only other issue was that at times there was too much description. It wasn’t necessary to detail exactly what each character in a scene was wearing or what they did or didn’t eat. But that information was easy enough to skim over.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and wasn’t able to put it down. Breathless is book one in the Blue Fire Saga, and it wraps up nicely, leaving room for the plot of the next book without leaving the reader on a cliffhanger. I look forward to reading the rest of this series.

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Submission Therapy (Billionaire Dominance Book 1) by Abi Aiken & Rozlyn Sparks

Submission Therapy (Billionaire Dominance Book 1) by Abi Aiken & Rozlyn Sparks

 Submission Therapy Cover

4 out of 5 Stars

*I was provided a copy of Submission Therapy in exchange for an honest review. I am not compensated for my honest opinion.*

Billionaire Christina Pocock is on top of the world in most people’s view. But what they can’t see underneath the surface is that she’s a ticking time bomb ready to explode thanks to anxiety, stress, and her need to be in control. Her therapist insists she’s out of options and out of time to save herself. Her last hope: Submission Therapy.

Master Sweet is not what Christina was expecting when her therapist sent her to her last resort. He’ll have his work cut out for him with Christina because she’s not sure she can give up control and become submissive.

Submission Therapy is book one in the Billionaire Dominance series, and it is a short story. Told from Christina’s point of view, the book details her first session of Submission Therapy with Master Sweet. We watch as she goes from complete control freak, through giving in bit by bit, until she can finally hand over control to her Master and relax in her submission. The story is well written and interesting, and I found very few grammatical errors.

There were some plot issues revolving BDSM that brought this down for me. When Christina arrived at Master Sweet’s office, she had no idea what was going to be happening or that he was a Dom. She was never given a choice about participating. Granted, this was her last hope for her health, but BDSM is not something that should be entered into blindly. Each participant should understand and consent to the activities. Christina’s consent was never given. From my perspective, she was forced into a non-consensual act. Along the same lines, she was never given a safe word, there was no discussion of protection, and limits were never spoken about. In fact, Christina revealed a hard limit in the narrative, and Master Sweet crossed that line. This is not responsible BDSM, and although I’m willing to forgive some things for the sake of fiction, these issues could have been handled a little better.

Overall, the story is well written and hot, just not for me since I prefer more realism in a BDSM story.

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