Aroused by Jade Kerrion

Aroused by Jade Kerrion

Aroused Cover4 out of 5 Stars

Dr. Vera Rios doesn’t have time to search for Mr. Right. The recently divorced mother of a one-year-old spends what little free time she has with her daughter or volunteering at a clinic. When the gorgeous Rowan Forrester comes into the clinic and pays attention to her, she can’t help but be intrigued. It’s too bad he’s an escort considering how infatuated he is with Vera and her daughter.

Rowan is fed up with the fake people in his business who only want to use him to promote their own celebrity. Vera likes him for who he is, despite the fact that she thinks he’s an escort. But keeping secrets from her could threaten everything they’ve built together.

Aroused is a sexy tale of two people who want that perfect love and have trouble finding it. At times it’s hot and steamy, but it’s also swoon-worthy. The way Rowan cares for Allison, Vera’s daughter, had my heart fluttering more than any of the erotic scenes—although those got me going too. Rowan truly does seem to be perfect in almost every way. His character is well developed and his confidence is extremely sexy.

I enjoyed the pace of the relationship between Vera and Rowan and how Rowan taught Vera to have confidence in herself. After so many years of not being appreciated by her ex-husband, it was no surprise that she started off the story with low self-esteem. Rowan was able to break her out of her shell and teach her that part of her beauty came from the way she felt about herself.

Some of the plot was a bit too cliché for my liking though. The relationship began on a lie—which I won’t disclose to avoid spoilers—and the longer Rowan perpetuated the lie, the worse the repercussions were going to be when Vera found out. I understood Rowan’s reasoning in the beginning—he wanted someone to get to know what was behind the gorgeous face and perfect body—but things carried on for too long, and of course ended up exploding in his face. Then, just when things appeared to be smooth sailing toward a happily ever after, a new problem arose with no foreshadowing. This felt a bit like it was just to keep the story going rather than a cohesive part of the plot. And then we had the cliché heroine response: she wouldn’t let him explain, so the issue was drawn out more than it needed to be. The ending didn’t seem plausible, that everything would be okay just because Vera said it would be, but the characters did get their happily ever after.

Overall, the story was enjoyable despite these clichés, and it was well-written with no major editing issues. I would recommend it to any romance fan who doesn’t mind a bit of the cliché. I would definitely read more by this author.

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