Stone Guardian (Witches Amulet Book 1) by Paulina Woods

Stone Guardian (Witches Amulet Book 1) by Paulina Woods


3 out of 5 Stars

*I was provided a copy of Stone Guardian in exchange for an honest review. I am not compensated for my honest opinion.*

Milcah has never really fit in, and now she lives her life with her dog and a dead-end job as a waitress. When her best friend convinces her to take a vacation and travel, Milcah stumbles onto a field of gargoyles turned to stone. She somehow is able to free them from their stone prison, but they take her through a portal to their home.

Jarod, a general in the gargoyle army, saves Milcah and determines she’s his mate. But Milcah is anxious to return to Earth and her old life until she removes the amulet she’s always worn and finds she has powers she never knew about. Being a healer and Jarod’s mate might just be her destiny after all.

Stone Guardian is an interesting paranormal romance set in present day. Something definitely seems different about Milcah, and when she finds the field of stone gargoyles we realize she has powers that have been hidden. Based on the prologue to the story, it is easy to determine that Milcah is one of the five witches who were kidnapped and hidden at a young age to protect them from being raised by evil. The plot mostly surrounds the growing attraction between Jarod and Milcah and Milcah learning about her powers and how to use them. At the end of the story, more questions are raised without too many being answered. Although I was assured this could be read as a standalone book, the story definitely isn’t over and continues in the next book right where this one left off.

There were some things about the story that didn’t feel quite right. Dialogue was unnatural and stiff, and there were a few inconsistencies. For example, we were told that Milcah and Mary have been best friends from a young age, yet Milcah and her mother had to continually move when suspicion of their abilities would rise. How would the girls have continued their friendship if Milcah and her mother were constantly in hiding? At times, it felt as if the author was trying too hard to make the character humorous, but it just didn’t flow with the stiff dialogue. The erotic scenes didn’t really hit the mark.

There were also several formatting and editing mistakes, including comma splices and tense changes, that distracted from the reading experience.

Overall, there was not enough action in the plot to make the story feel complete. Even if the saga continued, more should have been resolved within this book to make it feel whole.

Tomorrow I will review book 2 of the Witches Amulet series, Captive Guardian.

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