Captive Guardian (Witches Amulet Book 2) by Paulina Woods

Captive Guardian (Witches Amulet Book 2) by Paulina Woods


2 out of 5 Stars

*I was provided with a copy of Captive Guardian by the author in exchange for an honest review. I am not compensated for my honest opinion.*

Michael, second in command of the gargoyle army, is captured by evil witches and taken to New York where he is placed in a penthouse cage. His roommate, Marcus, is a male witch who has only ever known a life of captivity. Marcus was raised to breed powerful witches. Realizing Marcus is his mate, Michael vows to find a way to free them both, but Marcus doesn’t know how to live outside of captivity.

Once free, the men take refuge with a coven of vampires while they wait for Michael’s strength to return so he can open a portal and take them to his home. When they return to Michael’s home, Marcus is finally able to meet his sister Milcah, another powerful witch. Marcus will need to decide if he wants to be part of the quest to overthrow the evil witches and become Michael’s mate, or if he’d rather return to the simple life he’s comfortable with.

Captive Guardian is the second book in the Witches Amulet series. Although I was assured this was a standalone book, I did not feel it could be read and fully understood without having read the first book in the series, Stone Guardian. The beginning of Captive Guardian picks up right where Stone Guardian left off, and as with the first book, the quest doesn’t advance much in the second book. I assume it will be continued in another book to be added to the series.

I enjoyed the paranormal aspect of the story, which included gargoyles, witches, vampires, and fae, but felt the story was lacking in quite a few areas. The main focus of the book was the relationship between Michael and Marcus, with the attraction from both of them being instantaneous. There was not enough focus on the quest to save the world from the evil witches. That felt more like a sub-plot.

Marcus was a very immature, simple, and needy character. Some of his characterization called for this as he had spent his entire life in captivity, but at times he seemed more like a young boy rather than a grown man capable of making decisions for himself. Barely any discussion revolved around Marcus’ powers, or his history and how he became captive, or on what his part in the quest to save the world would be.

Like book one of the series, this book contained numerous formatting and editing errors as well as unnatural dialogue. A character name was spelled wrong, and the wrong name was used several times. “Tuscan Mountains” was used frequently, although the characters were in Arizona (not Italy). I believe the term the author was looking for was “Tucson Mountains.”

The story essentially ends with no resolution, leaving the reader hanging once again. It is not necessarily a cliffhanger ending, but not a true end to the story either. Overall, it did not entice me to read more.

Yesterday I posted my review of book 1 of the Witches Amulet series, Stone Guardian. You can find it by selecting Romance/Paranormal from the Review tab.

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