Silk Over Razor Blades (Saar’s Legacy Book 1) by Ileandra Young – Promo and Teaser

Silk Over Razor Blades (Saar’s Legacy Book 1) by Ileandra Young

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Lenina Miller, ditsy and pampered bride to be, wants nothing more than to walk down the aisle in her scandalous red dress to the gasps and awed stares of friends and family. Her plans are shattered when a late night mugging not only scars her face and neck, but drops her in the centre of a frenzied police investigation to apprehend the attacker before he strikes again.

On the field of battle in 30 BC, Saar, son of Yafeu, sacrifices his life for his sovereign, Queen Cleopatra VII of Egypt. Betrayed by the man he loves, forced to watch his country burn under Octavian’s hostile takeover, Saar’s agonising death appears to Lenina with all the lucid force of a true memory.

Two lives, separated by thousands of years, brought together through one night of violence.

Haunted by the memories of a man long dead, Lenina finds her body transforming, her appetites for food and flesh magnified to terrifying proportions. As the attentions of the investigating detective force her to choose between lust and love, Lenina also finds herself a target. The vampire who attacked her knows she survived and will stop at nothing to finish the job he started.

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Silk Over Razor Blades – Excerpt

The man sucking her throat laughed through his pursed lips. Renewed ferocity made Lenina shriek and grind her heels into the grass.

He jabbed his free hand between her lips. ‘Shut up.’

His hairy skin tasted foul, but the intimacy of this intrusion brought life back to Lenina. She bit down and ground her teeth together until fluid burst on to her tongue with the taste and smell of old pennies.

The pleasured moans turned into a yelp of surprise. He punched her, hard enough to rattle her skull and Lenina slackened her jaw. Pain exploded across her face. Blood ran down her lips and chin. Some touched the back of her throat and kept going, burning a trail down her throat and beyond. She felt every drop as it went and each one sent a fresh line of fiery pain coursing through her body.

Her heart beat harder, hammering her ribs with such force that she jerked forward. A tingling sensation prickled at the ends of her toes and travelled through her body like the march of tiny ants. With it came a rush of agony that bunched her muscles into painful knots before letting go. She threw herself to the side, gripping her stomach as it fought to eject every piece of food it contained.

‘Bitch!’ The man cradled his hand to his chest. ‘You’ll regret that.’

Lenina had just the time to realise that she already did, before vomit clawed free of her mouth. Blood-streaked ribbons of bile and food splashed the grass. Some caught her hands and knees, but violent convulsions rendered her prone and helpless. A sensation like the prick of a thousand hot needles pierced a trail down her spine. It continued along each limb and billowed out until even the tips of her fingers felt ready to burst. Tears streamed down her cheeks. Wiping them away left pale smears of pink against her fingers and palms.

At her side, Nick finally sat up. He swayed and faced her. ‘Nina?’

The man chuckled, shaking his injured hand. ‘You’re both gonna die.’

The words barely left his mouth before Nick lurched across the grass like a drunken rugby player. He caught the stranger around the knees and pulled him down to the ground. ‘Nina, run,’ he begged.

She longed to do as he asked. But cold now replaced the heat in her body and dark mist crawled across the edges of her vision. She shivered. ‘Help me . . .’

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Author Bio

Ileandra Young is one face of the Da Shared Brain who writes erotica and romance under a second pseudonym. Ileandra enjoys writing fantasy (both urban and traditional) and aspires one day to write a piece so long (and therefore thick) that the book would form a good self-defence weapon in the hands of a fan (ever been hit by War and Peace? It hurts!).

Her interests include reading large books (see above), roller derby, and gently correcting people who believe that vampires should sparkle.




Twitter: (@ileandraXraven)



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