Jake Me (Jaked Book 2) by Sabrina Stark

Jake Me (Jaked Book 2) by Sabrina Stark

Jake Me Cover

4 out of 5 Stars

*I was gifted a copy of Jake Me by the author. I am not compensated for my honest opinion.*

Walking away from Jake Bishop is supposed to be the right thing for Luna Moon to do, so why is it she can’t seem to stay away from him? Thanks to Jake, she is penniless and jobless, and she needs a place to stay and some money quickly. She lucks into a job at a hotel that has an immediate opening, but it seems Luna’s troubles are determined to follow her wherever she goes.

Luna’s crazy ex-boyfriend is still after what she stole from him, and she needs Jake’s help to straighten out this mess once and for all. Jake knows he’s no good for Luna, yet he can’t let her go. Luna will have to decide on the right choice: staying with Jake who she’s loved for years, or leaving him for good this time.

Jake Me is book two of the Jaked Series, and it picks up right where Jaked left off. With Luna leaving Jake’s penthouse, she’s in a bit of a jam with no job and no place to go. Enter Luna’s brothers, who add an additional dose of humor to this story. I enjoyed their characters quite a bit even though they were not central to the story. This book has the same feel as the first one with short chapters filled with mostly dialogue. This works well to keep things moving, but it doesn’t lend itself to much depth to any of the characters. And Jake continues to give vague and non-answers throughout this story, which grows frustrating after a while.

I enjoyed the plot of the story, with Jake trying to do what’s right by Luna and push her away since he knows he’s no good for her. But he’s always loved her, so he won’t be able to resist forever. And as hard as Luna’s tried to deny her feelings for Jake, at some point these two hard-headed characters will need to realize they can’t stay away.

The same types of minor editing issues appeared in the second book as in the first, but they didn’t take away from the overall enjoyment. The plot is good, and with a little more work it could have been great. Regardless, I liked this book as much as I liked the first one. It was pretty good for a second chance romance.

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