Love Takes Your Breath Away (Truth About Love Book 1) by Caleigh Hernandez

Love Takes Your Breath Away (Truth About Love Book 1) by Caleigh Hernandez

 Love Takes Your Breath Away Cover

2 out of 5 Stars

*I was gifted a copy of Love Takes Your Breath Away by the author. I am not compensated for my honest opinion.*

Izabella and Diego are madly in love and get married in a small ceremony in Las Vegas with only their two best friends in attendance. Now they’ll have to settle into life as a married couple. They’ll be going through some changes as their marriage progresses and will have to find a way to navigate the good and the bad.

Love Takes Your Breath Away is a contemporary romance novella about what happens once lovers say “I do.” We follow Izzy and Diego from their wedding, through their honeymoon, and into the trials and tribulations of married life. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like anything really happened in the book. It was just a series of events between the main characters and their two best friends. I kept waiting for there to be a point to the plot, but it never happened. There was no conflict and no climax. Sure, I understood that Izzy and Diego loved each other, but the author never demonstrated why. There wasn’t much history or depth to the characters. There was more description of food and clothing than the characters.

In addition to the lack of plot, most of the book didn’t make sense to me. Why were their best friends spending so much time with them when they were supposed to be on their honeymoon? Why was one of the best friends making food for them in a hotel? How could he have possibly made food for an entire wedding reception—still in the hotel—by himself? The characters were constantly laughing or crying when nothing really seemed funny or sad. The story felt like someone’s trip down memory lane where the reader was left out of all the private jokes.

Then there were the formatting and editing issues. There was supposed to be a picture at one point, but it didn’t come through in the Kindle edition. There were tense changes, bad dialogue tags, typos, incorrect punctuation, and incomplete sentences. A few inconsistencies also drew away from the story, like the woman who sold them the house said she had no children, but then she said she had to go visit her grandchildren.

Unfortunately, what could have been a sweet romance was nothing more than a boring series of events interspersed with sexual encounters. If it had been cut down and edited properly, it could have been filler for a novel with an actual plot.

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