Channel 20 Something (20 Something Book 1) by Amy Patrick

Channel 20 Something (20 Something Book 1) by Amy Patrick

Channel 20 Something Cover

4 out of 5 Stars

Heidi Haynes is comfortable in her hometown, living near her parents, and with a job at a small market TV station. The days where she longed for more for herself are long gone, thanks to an incident her first semester of college that sent her running back home. With nearly a year of experience in front of and behind the camera, she should be sending out her reel to find a better job, yet she just can’t bring herself to do it.

Aric Serrano is a sexy hunk of a sports reporter, and Heidi finds herself drawn to him even though she’s only on a break from her college sweetheart. Aric’s patience and persistence are even more attractive, and when Heidi allows herself to be friends with him, she finds there’s a lot more to him than the pretty exterior.

But Aric wants more from Heidi than she’s able to give. She’ll have to make some tough decisions about not only her love life, but her career and dreams as well.

Channel 20 Something is a new adult romance that is relatively clean, a refreshing change from most of what’s out there these days. The sexual situations are kept to a minimum and not detailed, and even cursing is very minor. In fact, one of the things I love about Heidi’s character is that she didn’t even curse in her mind.

Having Heidi, Aric, and the secondary characters work at a TV station was interesting. The author did a good job of incorporating the details of their jobs into the plot of the story without boring me. I was quickly hooked in to finding out more of what happened with Heidi’s ex while the attraction between Heidi and Aric grew. Heidi’s confusion about life and love in general made it believable she would constantly be pushing Aric away.

Along the same lines, Heidi’s insistence on not having a relationship and her insecurities did get old after a while. Aric was patient and understanding, even if he did show frustration at times. His frustration was completely understandable. This character trait of Heidi’s was at least consistent, even if it made me not love her as much after a while.

There were some grammatical errors in the book, but for the most part the story was well written. One thing I would have liked to see more of was Heidi’s accent. It only came out to play when Aric mentioned it, and at times I forgot one of her issues with getting a better job was that she had an accent.

Overall, the story was cute and kept me reading. I enjoyed it and would definitely read more from this author and more of this series.

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