Lost in Us (Lost Series Book 1) by Layla Hagen

Lost in Us (Lost Series Book 1) by Layla Hagen

Lost in Us Cover

4 out of 5 Stars

Having just come off a six-year relationship, Serena isn’t interested in risking her heart. In fact, she’s not much into risk-taking at all. Serena wants to concentrate on finding a job where she can earn enough money to help out her parents. When she meets the enigmatic James, a one night stand is all she’s interested in, but there’s something about James that draws her to him. Maybe it’s the sense that he’s just as broken as she is.

James is a self-proclaimed commitment-phobe. His jealousy knows no bounds and it cost him dearly in the past, so it’s best if he doesn’t get attached to anyone. But he finds a kindred spirit in Serena, and as much as he wants to stay away, he can’t. Together they could be stronger than they are apart, but only if Serena can break down James’ walls.

Lost in Us is a new adult romance that has that elusive quality of drawing you in and forcing you to keep reading. It isn’t something I can put my finger on, just something about the writing that kept me turning page after page even when I didn’t like the characters’ actions.

James is definitely an alpha male, and I both loved and hated him for it. He knew what he wanted and he went after it. He was able to separate work from fun while doing both to the extreme. He convinced Serena to take chances in life she wouldn’t otherwise have even considered, and ultimately she was a better person for it. Learning to take a risk like jumping out of a plane made it easier for her to take a risk with her heart.

But James could also be pigheaded. When he made a decision, no one else had a say in it. While he could comfort Serena and help her heal from the tragedy that struck her life, he was unwilling to share his own pain and let her help him.

One of the things I didn’t like about this story was how quickly the characters went back and forth in their decisions. At points, it felt like every time I turned the page they had switched positions on who was mad at whom. In one scene where they were broken up, Serena was the one who wanted to get back together, but within the same scene she became the one who broke up with James, leaving James begging her to get back together. It was also difficult to buy his change from commitment-phobe to committed-relationship-guy.

There were a few things that didn’t quite make sense, like why Serena called her best friend’s mother Mrs. Haydn when she’d lived with them for several years and why James took his team rafting after drinking and not having any sleep. There were also several editing errors including extra words, missing words, and missing punctuation, and the e-book wasn’t formatted properly. Parts of it used a lighter font, which didn’t show up when I was reading on a black background. There were entire sections I couldn’t read unless I switched to a lighter background. The epilogue had opening quotation marks set to the bottom of the line, and there were extra blank pages between chapters.

Overall, I did enjoy the book and would read more by this author, though I would suggest another round of editing and a professional formatter.

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