The Cinderella Princess (Royal Holiday Book 1) by Melissa McClone

The Cinderella Princess (Royal Holiday Book 1) by Melissa McClone

The Cinderella Princess Cover

4 out of 5 Stars

Emily Rodgers has spent her life focusing on being independent after learning from her mother to never depend on a man. She does the grunt work at her job whenever she’s asked and should be a partner by now. Instead, she’s thrown into another rotten assignment—handling a reality TV show to find Prince Lucas a bride.

Luc must announce an engagement in two weeks or he’ll be disowned by his father, the king. This reality TV show is his last hope of finding a bride who comes from royalty. Knowing his playboy ways and his penchant for trouble, none of the contestants have been willing to go on a second date with Luc. When Emily takes over finding Luc a royal bride, she also takes over much more than that.

Though the attraction is apparent between Luc and Emily, the situation is impossible. Luc must marry royalty and Emily must return to her job in the US. She also doesn’t believe in happily ever after, so if Luc wants to win her over, he’ll have his work cut out for him.

The Cinderella Princess is a royal contemporary romance with a twist: the prince is looking for his bride on a reality TV show. I loved this addition to the standard plot of a commoner and royalty falling in love but not being allowed to marry. While Emily was supposed to be busy finding the perfect wife for Luc, Emily and Luc fell in love instead.

Both main characters were well developed and fit their parts perfectly. Emily didn’t have time in her life for love, nor did she want it after her father cheated on her mother and then left them for a new family. But Luc showed her a different side to life, one that had her yearning for something more than just a job where she’s ultimately not going anywhere. Emily eventually realized there was a fairy tale out there with her name on it. She just wasn’t sure how Luc fit into that picture.

Luc, on the other hand, was initially presented as the black sheep of his family, but he knew what his duty was to his family and would marry and change his image in order to continue his own pursuits. One thing I loved about Luc and about this story was how early on we saw a different picture of him—one where not everything was as it seemed on the surface. It allowed me to fall in love with Luc right along with Emily rather than having him be the bad boy everyone thought he was.

Although I truly enjoyed this book and breezed through it, a few issues kept it from being a five-star read. The addition of reality TV was a nice twist to the plot, but it wasn’t followed through enough. The scenes where they were filming for the show weren’t realistic. Luc occasionally spoke to the people who were supposed to be off-camera, and the bulk of the show was filmed in only two weeks. The ending also didn’t quite hit the mark for me, and I would have liked to see a bit of an epilogue. There were a few minor editing errors, but they didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the story.

Overall, I liked this and would read more by this author. This book is a standalone in the Royal Holiday series.

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