The Mistaken (The Mistaken Series Book 1) by Nancy S. Thompson

The Mistaken (The Mistaken Series Book 1) by Nancy S. Thompson

The Mistaken Cover

4 out of 5 Stars

*I was provided a copy of The Mistaken by the author in exchange for an honest review. I am not compensated for my honest opinion.*

Tyler Karras is ready to live his life with his beautiful bride and their soon-to-be child, but his brother Nick keeps getting in the way. Nick finds himself in trouble with the Russian mafia time and again, and Ty continually bails him out. But Ty’s need to be an upstanding citizen blinds him to his wife’s suffering, resulting in the deaths of her and their child.

Lost and alone, Ty seeks retribution from the person he feels caused the spiral of events. Finally embracing Nick’s mafia connections, Ty hatches out a plan with his brother to make the woman responsible pay. Their search leads them to the wrong person, causing a new set of problems for Ty to solve. He’ll need to find a way to get an innocent woman out of the mafia’s line of sight while hatching a plan to save his brother.

The Mistaken is a mafia thriller with some romance that will keep you wondering how the hero will get out alive until the very end. There is plenty of action and good character development throughout. When we meet Ty, he’s an upstanding citizen with his whole life ahead of him. The author does a great job of showing his values and how he lives his life before it’s all ripped away from him. What I found interesting about this story was how Ty goes from good guy, to totally broken and capable of unthinkable crimes, and back to an honest man trying to make the best of a bad situation.

While I enjoyed the complete turn-around, it also made the book feel a bit drawn out at times. A whole lot was packed into the pages, starting back before Ty and Jillian were married. Told in first person point of view, the story switches between Ty, Jillian, and eventually Hannah, and the changes made it feel somewhat disjointed. Jillian’s point of view especially felt out of place. The story would have felt more cohesive if we only read what was happening to Jillian through Tyler’s eyes. Telling it in third person also may have better served a story where so many perspectives were necessary.

The plot contained a lot of action, which was enjoyable and kept me on my toes once the story really got moving. The romance between Ty and Hannah was interesting and believable even though it occurred in a short amount of time. The pressure on the two of them made for extenuating circumstances and allowed them to develop feelings for one another that otherwise would have taken much longer.

While I truly enjoyed the story, there were a few things detracting from it. The constant use of names in dialogue was unnatural. There was one event, which I won’t include a spoiler for, that felt out of character even though Ty had essentially hit rock bottom. And some of the actions between Ty and the mafia seemed unrealistic.

Overall, the book drew me in right from the start and I enjoyed the journey. I look forward to reading Leverage, which is book two in this series.

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