The Immortals: Part Two: Allies & Enemies by Cheryl S. Mackey

The Immortals: Part Two: Allies & Enemies by Cheryl S. Mackey

The Immortals: Part Two Cover

4 out of 5 Stars

*I was provided an ARC of The Immortals: Part Two: Allies & Enemies by the author in exchange for an honest review. I am not compensated for my honest opinion.*

Ivo, Jaeger, Jadeth, and Emaranthe are on their next quest. They have to find a map and locate a lost city. Although the four Immortals are a cohesive unit, others they meet along the way may help or hinder their search. Not everyone is as they seem, and the Immortals will need to decide who is an ally and who is an enemy.

The Immortals: Part Two: Allies & Enemies is a continuation of the young adult fantasy series The Immortals. This book covers enough background information that it could be read as a standalone, but it is best read in order with the series as it picks up right where Part One left off.

Like the first novella in the series, the character descriptions are well thought-out, giving the reader a good picture of just what these Immortals look like, and their powers are described enough that you’ll understand each person’s strength. I loved how the setting was incorporated: cold, dark nights and two suns blazing down during the day. The descriptions take you right into the fictional world of Ein-Aral. Each Immortal needs to use his or her strength to defeat their enemies, and as a unit they need to figure out who they can trust and what information to act on. This story introduces some new characters and provides more background on the main characters. There’s a good amount of action, and there’s also a nice touch of romance added in.

Although I’m not much of a fantasy reader, I did enjoy this story. It comes to a satisfying conclusion even though there will be more to the series. The only drawback was that it could use a little better editing. Overall, it was a good read.

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