Christmas Down Under Box Set – On Sale Now and Giveaway

Christmas Down Under Box Set – only $0.99!

Christmas Down Under

100% pure Christmas.
It’s hot sun and hotter men, warm sand and crystal-clear water, prawns on the barbecue and cricket on the beach. It’s sweet, slow kisses and long, lazy days. It’s Christmas Down Under.

Warm your heart, and maybe a little bit more, too, with six sweet, sexy stories of Down Under lovin’ from six bestselling authors who know how to do it right, from a little bit steamy all the way up to OMG. Whether it’s the beaches of Australia or New Zealand’s subtropical Far North, it’s nothing but feel-good love for Christmas this year. So if you’re feeling a little chilly? Pour a cold glass of wine or a hot mug of cocoa, curl up on the couch, and enjoy!

· Six standalone books (no cliffhangers!) spanning 1,000+ pages
· Over 95% off retail for the individual books sold separately
· Only available through December–get your copy today!

Six perfect indulgences to get you in the Christmas spirit:

ROSALIND JAMES – Just for Now (Escape to New Zealand) Jenna McKnight has run from heartbreak into a new body, a new city, and a new job. But the gorgeous Auckland villa isn’t really her home, rugby star Finn Douglas and his kids aren’t really her family, and playing house can be a dangerous gameSERENITY WOODS – A Festive Treat (Treats to Tempt You) Haunted Skye Graham only wanted a one-night stand, but Owen Hall’s an expert at finding lost people, and he’s determined to search the whole of the Northland until he tracks her down.

ANNIE SEATON – Christmas with the Boss. Jilly Henderson had been looking forward to five days of bliss at the beach: alone, no work, and with no one to bother her over the Christmas break. The last thing she expects is to find her sexy boss, Dominic, holidaying in the beach shack next door. This surf god looks mighty different from the uptight executive she’s used to–and mighty hard to ignore.

KRIS PEARSON – Christmas Holiday Hearts (Heartlands) Ellie McKenna’s dream job becomes her worst nightmare when she discovers the man she’ll be working for is her long-ago holiday fling. He gave her the hottest memories of her life – and a son he knows nothing about. How will Ellie carry out her Christmas holiday contract now?

JOANNE HILL – Promising Penny. Penny Portman works in her parents’ Auckland cafe and dreams of running her own place one day. When old friend Michael McGuinn shows up, her feelings for him resurface, and she wonders if he will ever think of her as more than an honorary sister, and if this could be the Christmas all her wishes come true.

TRACEY ALVAREZ – Hide Your Heart (Far North) Lauren Taylor has returned to her New Zealand hometown, hiding from her famous past. Nate Fraser plans to fix up the property next door and sell it as a celebrity retreat. As passion ignites between them over the Christmas season, can Lauren trust Nate with her secrets, and her heart?

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