The Kiss: The Cotiere Chronicles Book 1 by Michelle Bolanger

The Kiss: The Cotiere Chronicles Book 1 by Michelle Bolanger

The Kiss Cover


Best friends since birth, Leisel Gottschalk and Baden Dietrich are months away from the ceremony that will unite them forever, until Baden learns that everything they’ve been told about their arranged union is based on lies. He knows he has to let her go, but getting her away from their family will cost them everything.

Koen Lockton is determined to make the most of his life. He’s just signed a recording and tour contract that will jump start his music career. With one year of school left before he hits the road, his life changes in a way he never would have dreamed when he hears Leisel Gottschalk’s laugh. But when she fails to recognize him for what he is, he knows something is terribly wrong.

Driven into hiding and divided by an ancient wrong, a forgotten race of people are nearing extinction. Old traditions and long held grudges will be exposed and challenged when one man risks it all to right the wrong he caused and three young lives are caught in the middle. Will they be strong enough to change the future and unite a broken people? All it will take is a single kiss, but are they willing to break her family rules?

Rach Lawrence Books Review

3 out of 5 Stars

*I was provided a copy of The Kiss by the author in exchange for an honest review. I am not compensated for my honest opinion.*

The Kiss is a clean paranormal romance about Leisel Gottchalk coming of age and finding her mate. Born without the sense of smell, Leis is afraid she will be unable to bond with best friend and intended Baden Dietrick when the time comes. Their people are near extinction and are depending on Leis and Baden to mate and reproduce, but Baden knows he and Leis aren’t really meant for each other.

The story is an interesting one, beginning with Leis trying to find feelings for Baden that just aren’t there. All her life she’s been told it’s her fault because she has no sense of smell, but the true problem is that Leis and Baden are being forced into something that isn’t meant to be. I loved the way the author contrasted Leis’ feelings for Baden with her feelings for Koen once he entered the picture. Certainly any girl would be attracted to Koen, the sexy musician, but Leis recognizes there is something different about the way she feels for Koen even when she can’t smell him like the rest of the females of her race.

Set in modern times, the book is about a supernatural race nearing extinction. I enjoyed the world the author created and how the Cotiere was able to live in everyday society without being discovered. The plot of Leis, Koen, and Baden having to fight against their own people lured me in and kept me reading. I liked the way the book was set up with a letter or snippet of information in the beginning of each chapter.

Unfortunately, there were quite a few errors, which drew me out of the story—things like incorrect or missing words and comma and apostrophe misuse. There were also some inconsistencies within the story, some actions that felt like the came out of nowhere, and some plot points that were forgotten at times.

I did enjoy reading the book but would love to see it better edited for grammar and content.

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Author Bio

Michelle Bolanger has been an avid reader all her life. In 2014 and with the encouragement of her family and friends, she decided to take the leap and publish her own books. The Kiss is her first full length novel and the beginning of what is to be a four book series titled The Cotiere Chronicles. Michelle is also a talented vocalist and amateur photographer. She enjoys going on cruises, cheering for her favorite professional hockey team, and falling asleep to the sound of auto racing on TV. Michelle lives in Ohio with her husband and two dogs.

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