The Matriarch: An Erotic Superhero Romance (Book 1 of The Matriarch Trilogy) by Sloane Howell

The Matriarch: An Erotic Superhero Romance (Book 1 of The Matriarch Trilogy) by Sloane Howell

The Matriarch Cover

3 out of 5 Stars

*I was provided a copy of The Matriarch by the author in exchange for an honest review. I am not compensated for my honest opinion.*

Maggie Madison has vowed revenge on the man who killed her family and kidnapped her, turning her into something dark and dirty. Since her escape from his clutches, she’s learned combat skills and built a successful business, allowing her to fight crime while she tries to bring down her archenemy, Kiril. But when she meets Cody and sparks fly, her superhero status is called into question. For the first time in her life she wants to grow closer to someone, but she has to hide her true self in the process. When a new enemy arises, Maggie’s put to the test in more ways than one.

The Matriarch intrigued me from the start and drew me in with its original mix of superhero action, eroticism, and romance. The fact that it was a female superhero was an added bonus. Maggie was clearly a “take no prisoners” kind of girl and the story was action-packed, which was a nice variation on the typical romance.

Because of all the action, there was little character development. The story covers so much ground before even getting to the romance or fighting Maggie’s enemy that it never delved into any one area too deeply. While I could appreciate the idea of the various genres this book includes, it was too focused on the superhero aspect to be a successful romance, and the eroticism felt gratuitous. The story would have been better served by exploring Maggie’s life in more depth and how she came to be a superhero and then putting the rest of the story into another book since this is already part of a series.

The story is told in first person point of view mostly by Maggie. Several other points of view were occasionally included, but many of them felt unnecessary. The information provided in those scenes was often repeated in the form of a news article. It would have been enough to only provide the news article, or the entire story could have been told in third person point of view to make it more seamless.

I did enjoy the plot and thought the combined genres was an interesting twist. Three stars for this superhero erotic romance.

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