Talent (Descended from Myth Book 2) by Erin McFadden

Talent (Descended from Myth Book 2) by Erin McFadden

Talent Cover

3 out of 5 Stars

*I was provided a copy of Talent by the author in exchange for an honest review. I am not compensated for my honest opinion.*

Claire Montgomery is a Talent who doesn’t trust the very organization charged with protecting her. She is able to see into people’s minds and help correct things that are wrong, this Talent descended from the original nine muses. But when using her Talent, Claire develops headaches and other problems, and those around her are at a loss as to why. Now she’s about to be assigned her own Watcher from the Guardians, and she’ll have to figure out who she can really trust to keep her safe.

Porter McGavin has PTSD from serving in the military. He suffers alone, until he’s offered a position with the Guardians and he finally finds a place he fits in. When temporarily assigned to watch Claire, the two find an unexplained connection, but with Claire’s trust issues and Porter’s past coming back to haunt him, it will be a race against the clock to save both their lives.

Talent is book two of the Descended from Myth series and is a paranormal romance. Although a standalone book, there were some issues that were not fully discussed in this book, which may have been more thoroughly delved into in book one. Claire’s past was alluded to many times, and I had a general idea of what had happened to her, but there were missing pieces of information that might have rounded out my understanding of her character.

The first half of the book moved too slowly to hold my attention. The narrative was very telling, trying to catch the reader up on events that had already happened, and we learned about the characters through narrative rather than through actions.

Although the book got off to a very slow start, the second half was much more action packed and held my interest more. The plot was interesting, and I appreciated the connection between Claire and Porter and how their lives were intertwined once things got moving. The way all the pieces of the puzzle came together was satisfying and entertaining.

There were a lot of tense changes, which drew me out of the story, among other editing errors. Long paragraphs where one person’s dialogue was mixed with another person’s thoughts were also distracting. I had a difficult time visualizing Porter because the picture on the cover didn’t match his description in the book. My attention to the plot would have been stronger without these disruptions.

Three stars for this interesting paranormal romance.

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