About the Blog

About the Blog

Rach Lawrence Books is a book review and promotion blog run by Rachel Lawrence. It started as a convenient place for Rachel to post her book reviews, but has expanded to help authors promote their books as well. Rachel posts a review for every book she reads, and all reviews are posted on Amazon and Goodreads after they have been posted to the blog.

Rachel believes in honest reviews and will always provide her true opinion. Not everyone will like every book or agree with her comments, which is why she strives to provide details of each book within the review so readers can decide if a book Rachel didn’t love may still be the right choice for them. She loves being able to post 4- and 5-star reviews and fangirling over her favorite authors. Sometimes that’s not the case, but rest assured the opinion you read on Rach Lawrence Books will be an honest one. *Please do not request a review be withheld if it doesn’t meet a certain star rating. Books will not be considered for review if this request is made.*

Sometimes authors or their agents provide a free copy of a book or an ARC (Advance Reader Copy)—typically in electronic format—in exchange for an honest review. Rach Lawrence Books and Rachel Lawrence receive no compensation for the opinion expressed on the blog other than the book itself. Rach Lawrence Books and Rachel Lawrence will not share any book or ARC provided with anyone else. Promotional materials provided by an author or their agent will be shared as requested in posts on this blog as well as all connected social media.

Request forms for book/ARC review and promotional posting can be found under the “Request Forms” tab. Specific questions or comments can be sent via email to rachlawrencebooks@gmail.com. You can follow the blog via email or WordPress using the links on the right side of the main page.

Enjoy the blog!

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