Life’s Hope (Life’s Series Book 2) by Rebekah Raymond

Life’s Hope (Life’s Series Book 2) by Rebekah Raymond

Life’s Hope Cover

5 out of 5 Stars

*I was provided a copy of Life’s Hope by the author in exchange for an honest review. I am not compensated for my honest opinion.*

Twelve years after Rochester’s demise, Seleah works as a vigilante delivering justice where it is needed. She has assumed a new identity to hide from those who continue to target her, but some parts of Seleah refuse to remain hidden. She still struggles with who she is—a killing machine or a woman with needs and feelings.

A call from her former lover, Tomlin, brings Seleah back to where she spent her formative years for the funeral of her mentor and father figure, StPatrick. Seleah’s personal struggle heightens as she’s reunited with Tomlin, and just when life becomes bearable again, a new enemy arises. Seleah and Tomlin must go up against a man with goals similar to Rochester, but this new enemy may also have the power to tear them apart.

Life’s Hope is book two in the Life’s series and can be read as a standalone, although it is best read in order as part of the series. The important pieces of information from book one are supplied in book two without rehashing or boring readers who have already read the first book.

The story was action-packed from start to finish, and it kept me on my toes and turning pages throughout. We finally learned the name of the soldier we came to love in the first book, but she’d had to assume a new name to keep her fellow vigilantes safe once she realized she was a constant target. A new identity didn’t change Seleah’s struggle though. She constantly battled against the killing machine hidden inside her that Rochester created and her desire to be a normal woman who loved a man. Seleah struggled with this throughout the story, and this internal battle threatened her relationship with Tomlin.

Similar to book one, this story had lots of descriptive fight scenes, but they fit the theme of the plot and provided the reader with the true scenarios Seleah and Tomlin had to deal with. This was an impressive addition to the series, and with this only being Ms. Raymond’s second book, I anticipate more great works from her in the future and look forward to reading them.

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Boundary: The Other Horizons Trilogy (Book 1) by Mary Victoria Johnson

Boundary: The Other Horizons Trilogy (Book 1) by Mary Victoria Johnson

Boundary Cover

4 out of 4 Stars

*I was provided a copy of Boundary by the author in exchange for an honest review. I am not compensated for my honest opinion.*

To an outside observer, Penny and her five friends live a life of luxury. They have everything they need provided for them, they live in a mansion, and they can do almost whatever they want within the boundary of that space. But it’s that boundary that makes Penny question everything around her. Touching the invisible wall surrounding the property will fry someone to a crisp, and Penny and her friends are essentially being held hostage inside it. They’re not exactly being held against their will, at least not until Penny begins questioning how they got there and why they can’t leave.

Penny’s curiosity not only angers their already sinister master, but it also begins a series of trials that pit friend against friend because the winner will get to leave the boundary. Alliances are formed and help is provided from unexpected sources, but not everything is as it seems. As the trials become more and more dangerous, it will be every man for him or herself.

Boundary is book one of the young adult The Other Horizons Trilogy, and although it is a standalone book, it does set the stage for the next book in the series. It is full of action and adventure, mystery, and fantasy, as well as being historical. This made for quite an interesting combination.

Although the story felt slow-moving at first, there was always the feeling that something more was under the surface. I immediately wanted to read on to find out why Penny and her friends were not able to leave the boundary. Even the somewhat mundane parts showing everyday life at the manor kept me involved and turning pages. The author did a good job of including small details that played into the plot in a larger way.

Overall this was a great book that I enjoyed reading, however I was left confused by some issues at the end. I’d be giving away too much of the story to go into detail, so suffice it to say these were not the type of issues that will be resolved in the next book; rather, they were the type that were resolved within this book but either done too quickly or without enough explanation for me. Still, I appreciated the journey and would be likely to read more by this author.

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The Other Sister (Sister Book 1) by Leanne Davis

The Other Sister (Sister Book 1) by Leanne Davis

The Other Sister Cover

4.5 out of 5 Stars

*Warning: This story deals with rape, abuse, and cutting.*

General Travis Bains is like a god in the military. His good daughter, Lindsey, is following in his footsteps, but his other daughter, Jessie, embarrasses him at every turn. When Jessie is kidnapped, the general sends Captain Will Hendricks on a personal mission to save her. Will is good at what he does and manages to get Jessie to safety, but not before witnessing her being brutally raped by her captors. He also witnesses more about Jessie’s personal life than he ever wanted to know—like the fact that she cuts herself.

Jessie Bains has been harboring secrets for most of her life thanks to the things her father has subjected her to, so it shouldn’t be a problem for her to keep her mouth shut about being raped. When she finds out she’s pregnant, Will accepts her father’s request to marry her and pass the baby off as his. But Will has an agenda of his own now that he knows what the general has been doing to Jessie. Despite not liking Jessie at first, Will vows to protect her and take care of her, even if that means giving her up so she can heal from her wounds.

The Other Sister is a compelling story that grips you right from the beginning and never lets you go. You’ll feel for Jessie, you’ll understand Will, and you’ll hurt right along with both of them. Watching Will go from disliking Jessie, to understanding her, to loving her, to having to walk away will give you all the feels. Seeing Jessie go from the abused, emotionally scarred girl to a confident woman will have you cheering her on. This made me applaud her and cry at the same time:

“Be gone when I wake up. I don’t want a big, sad goodbye at the door. I don’t want to watch you leave me. I don’t want to think about where you’re going after you leave me. Just be gone.”

I loved the way the author showed Will’s transformation from hero-worship of the general to absolute disdain for the man who abused and pimped out his daughter. Will was such a strong, confident character that even when he was insulting and threatening the general, he was able to do so calmly and with military precision. His love for the military never died—just his love for the general. And his no-nonsense attitude served him well when dealing with Jessie’s outbursts.

Since Jessie had never known love before, it was no wonder she wasn’t able to recognize it in Will, nor was the newly confident woman able to fight for it. But when faced with tragic circumstances, she finally took the reins and did what had to be done in order for justice to be served and to try to get her love back.

Truly, the only reason for a less than five star rating was the editing in this book. The comma splices all over the place actually made some parts difficult to read, and there were also tense issues. But the content was worth trudging through that.

If you enjoy what feels like an impossible romance mixed in with a good dose of hurt and healing, The Other Sister is worth a read. I would definitely read more by this author.

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The Change (Unbounded Book 1) by Teyla Branton

The Change (Unbounded Book 1) by Teyla Branton

The Change Cover
4 out of 5 Stars

The Change is the action-packed supernatural story of Erin Radkey, who discovers she is part of a rare race called Unbounded. By a fluke of her genes, Erin and other Unbounded are near immortal. This “Change” doesn’t happen to many, and it usually doesn’t occur until the potential Unbounded is in their early thirties. After a fiery car accident should have left her dead, Erin finds herself very much alive, and in the protection of a group of Unbounded called Renegades.

But the Renegades aren’t the only Unbounded out there. The opposing Emporium want Erin just as much as the Renegades do, and even they aren’t the only threat. There’s also a group of mortals known as Hunters who are set on destroying all Unbounded.

Erin must decide which group of Unbounded her loyalty lies with, and she also must decide who she can trust. Her former best friend? Her almost fiancé? A fourth great-grandmother or her possible biological father? How about a Renegade who doesn’t stick around for long?

The Change is certainly intriguing and full of action. The concept of the Unbounded is interesting and makes for good battles when neither side is easily killed. Everyone has a talent, and it takes some time before Erin’s fully surfaces. When it does, it seems like a good idea for her to trust it, and she does so easily.

One of the drawbacks of this story is that everyone is quick to change sides based on a little discussion. And when they do, Erin is quick to believe them, which leads to disaster after disaster. As a reader, it’s difficult to trust anyone even when Erin “reads” them since she’s been fooled in the past. It also seems like no matter the danger, there’s time to stop for a discussion. It puts a bit of a damper on all the action when it’s interrupted by a chat about who’s a traitor and what they’re going to do next.

In addition to all of the action, there’s a bit of romance between Erin and Ritter, another Renegade. I wouldn’t call this story a romance, but it had enough to keep the reader longing for more of Ritter, even knowing he might not stick around.

The story held my interest from start to finish, and I would definitely read the next book in the series.

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