Complexity (The Kinky Connect Chronicles Book 4) by Harper Miller

Complexity (The Kinky Connect Chronicles Book 4) by Harper Miller

Complexity Cover

4 out of 5 Stars

*I was provided a copy of Complexity by the author in exchange for an honest review. I am not compensated for my honest opinion.*

Personal trainer Manny is always up for a good time. Doesn’t matter if it’s with a woman or a man. He’s secure in his sexuality and enjoys the no-strings sex he can get from the kinky website where he’s a member. But when Chris comes along, everything changes. Manny develops feelings he wasn’t looking for. Even if Chris feels the same, an open relationship between the two is impossible due to Chris’ life in the spotlight.

Complexity is book 4 in the Kinky Connect Chronicles, which features kinky standalone novellas with interracial couples. Each story is told as a confession of one of the Kinky Connect members, providing the reader with character-driven narration rather than the watered-down version found in typical fiction. This story is no exception with Manny’s slang and Hispanic phrases. As with all of the stories in this series, it’s well-written and enjoyable.

Beyond the method of the telling of the story, I liked both main characters and could understand their positions but had a bit of a difficult time grasping and accepting the conflict between them. Manny lamented about wanting to find his Lego piece (a metaphor I appreciated), and then he was upset with the situation when he actually did fall in love. I understand that the length of the story didn’t allow for much development, yet still felt something was missing that would have allowed me to connect more with the relationship. Manny’s anger at Chris for not telling him who he really was up front didn’t resonate with me either. They met through a website, so it was unlikely for either of them to spill their secrets before meeting in person.

Overall, it was an enjoyable tale with a unique style. Ms. Miller will keep me coming back for more with stories like this.

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Touch of Trouble (Touch Series Book 4 by Cara Dee

Touch of Trouble (Touch Series Book 4 by Cara Dee

Touch of Trouble Cover

4 out of 5 Stars

*I was provided a copy of Touch of Trouble by the author in exchange for an honest review. I am not compensated for my honest opinion.*

Kayla Brandon has finally found a place where she completely fits in, both in her kinky lifestyle and in love. Nicholas Ford is the perfect Daddy for this little girl, and she’s ready to spend forever with him. But first she’ll have to make peace with her demons from the past. And a little matchmaking along the way won’t hurt.

Touch of Trouble is the 4th book in the Touch series and is best read in order with the other books of the series. Nicholas and Kayla’s relationship began in book 1, and now Kayla has to face her family in order to move forward with Nicholas.

I enjoy Ms. Dee’s writing tremendously, and this book is no exception. Her characters are real people and her kink is realistic. She doesn’t skirt around the rules of the BDSM lifestyle and offers readers what feels like a true glimpse into various kinks. It’s always hot and entertaining.

I can appreciate that different kinks are for different people, and unfortunately this one just isn’t for me. I don’t mind reading about Daddies and littles, but I have a difficult time getting in the mind of a little. I enjoyed the first book of the story more because it was from Nicholas’ point of view. With this book being told from Kayla’s point of view, I couldn’t connect as well with her even though I like her character in all the other books.

Overall, it was an integral part of the series as a whole and well-written. I enjoyed the other characters at Switch, and look forward to the stories that follow.

All of my reviews of Ms. Dee’s works can be found by selecting her name from the Author Spotlight tab.

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Entwined (The Kinky Connect Chronicles Book 3) by Harper Miller

Entwined (The Kinky Connect Chronicles Book 3) by Harper Miller

Entwined Cover

4 out of 5 Stars

*I was provided a copy of Entwined by the author in exchange for an honest review. I am not compensated for my honest opinion.*

A few months before leaving a twenty-year military career, Jake decides to spice up his life a little. Thanks to his buddy’s suggestion, he creates a profile on the Kinky Connect website to find his perfect kinky match. He connects with a woman who fits his criteria, and they get to know each other in the months leading up to Jake’s return home. And once he gets home, Jake’s in for the surprise of his life. Gabrielle, his little vixen, has invited another woman to join in on the fun.

Entwined is the third installment in The Kinky Connect Chronicles. This story, like the others, is short and hot, just enough to get you going when you need a quick read. Also like the others, the story is written as if it’s a letter to the reader detailing the main character’s experience with the website. The concept is original, and all the stories are well-written, erotic, and allow the reader to experience a little taste of various kinks.

The difference with Entwined was that the kink wasn’t as apparent to me as the first two stories in the series. Jake admitted to a little bit of a Dom complex and liking some kink in his relationships, but it wasn’t until the epilogue, which I won’t spoil for you, that I was really able to understand the kink a little better. The addition of ménage à trios in a F/F/M scenario was plenty kinky, but there was more to the story than that.

Overall, it was another hot installment in the series, and I will definitely read any others Ms. Miller writes. Each story in the series is a standalone, and they can be read in any order.

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Step Beast by Selena Kitt

Step Beast by Selena Kitt

Step Beast Cover

3 out of 5 Stars

Mathilda “Tilly” Beeston’s privileged life has been lacking one thing: her mother’s love. She can do no right in her mother’s eyes, yet her stepbrother, nicknamed Beast, can do no wrong. But Beast has been gone for years, only returning now that Tilly’s mother is on her deathbed. And Tilly’s been harboring a secret, one that might tear what little relationship she has left with Beast to shreds.

Conrad “Beast” Beeston III wants to step out of his father’s shadow, but spending eight years in the military only hardens him further. He fights his love for Tilly with everything he has, and he does it for her own good. Beast is keeping secrets of his own from her. Now that he’s come home, Tilly won’t give up. She pushes with everything she has to gain Beast’s love, but she doesn’t realize she’s throwing herself in the middle of a dangerous situation.

Step Beast is a contemporary erotic romance with a military bad boy, a billionaire, a stepsibling relationship, and BDSM. It has a good mix of erotica and action, and the plot is intriguing. Beast is hiding his real job from everyone, and Tilly, wanting Beast’s attention, unknowingly puts herself and her best friend in harm’s way. Beast has to save them without compromising what he’s worked so hard to accomplish.

Beast was a fantastic character. He was full of secrets and his personality didn’t give much away. He was the strong, silent, sexy type, which made me as interested in him as Tilly was. I enjoyed the way we learned about what he was up to little by little.

Tilly, unfortunately, came off as a spoiled brat and a petulant child. I had trouble liking her and couldn’t see what Beast found in her. The story being told from her point of view made it tedious at times. Her characterization was consistent and her background made it easy to understand why she acted the way she did, but I still had trouble relating to her and rooting for her.

The way the erotica was mixed with action was masterful and kept me reading, but quite a few things drew me out of the story. The author’s writing style was not for me. There were too many thought verbs and too much “telling” instead of “showing.” Also, em dashes—interruptions in the sentence like this—were used way too often. At times I had to go back and reread the sentence without the interruption to make sense of it.

There were quite a few grammatical and editing errors. Sometimes the wrong word was used, like unconscious instead of subconscious. In some places there were too many commas, and in others commas were missing. Some information was rehashed multiple times, and the story would have been more concise without it. There was also contradictory information. When Tilly was captured, her phone was shattered and lost, but after she was rescued she pulled it out of her pants pocket and answered it. At one point, we were told Tilly and Frankie had a discussion while in captivity, but that would have been impossible because they’d been gagged during that time and were only able to get their gags off for a short time when they were plotting their escape.

I had trouble rating this book because I really did like the plot but had to weigh it against all the other issues. In the end, I went with three stars, as this was an okay read but not great. With proper editing help, it could have been much better.

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Submission Therapy (Billionaire Dominance Book 1) by Abi Aiken & Rozlyn Sparks

Submission Therapy (Billionaire Dominance Book 1) by Abi Aiken & Rozlyn Sparks

 Submission Therapy Cover

4 out of 5 Stars

*I was provided a copy of Submission Therapy in exchange for an honest review. I am not compensated for my honest opinion.*

Billionaire Christina Pocock is on top of the world in most people’s view. But what they can’t see underneath the surface is that she’s a ticking time bomb ready to explode thanks to anxiety, stress, and her need to be in control. Her therapist insists she’s out of options and out of time to save herself. Her last hope: Submission Therapy.

Master Sweet is not what Christina was expecting when her therapist sent her to her last resort. He’ll have his work cut out for him with Christina because she’s not sure she can give up control and become submissive.

Submission Therapy is book one in the Billionaire Dominance series, and it is a short story. Told from Christina’s point of view, the book details her first session of Submission Therapy with Master Sweet. We watch as she goes from complete control freak, through giving in bit by bit, until she can finally hand over control to her Master and relax in her submission. The story is well written and interesting, and I found very few grammatical errors.

There were some plot issues revolving BDSM that brought this down for me. When Christina arrived at Master Sweet’s office, she had no idea what was going to be happening or that he was a Dom. She was never given a choice about participating. Granted, this was her last hope for her health, but BDSM is not something that should be entered into blindly. Each participant should understand and consent to the activities. Christina’s consent was never given. From my perspective, she was forced into a non-consensual act. Along the same lines, she was never given a safe word, there was no discussion of protection, and limits were never spoken about. In fact, Christina revealed a hard limit in the narrative, and Master Sweet crossed that line. This is not responsible BDSM, and although I’m willing to forgive some things for the sake of fiction, these issues could have been handled a little better.

Overall, the story is well written and hot, just not for me since I prefer more realism in a BDSM story.

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Touch to Surrender (Touch Series Book 3) by Cara Dee

Touch to Surrender (Touch Series Book 3) by Cara Dee

Touch to Surrender Cover

5 out of 5 Stars

*I was provided a copy of Touch to Surrender by the author. I am not compensated for my honest opinion.*

Brayden and his girlfriend Evangeline have embarked on a Master/sub/sub relationship with Master Cooper, which works out well for everyone. Mark, their Master, enjoys having two subs, even if he’d like to take his non-sexual relationship with Brayden further. Brayden can’t bring himself to admit out loud that he’s bisexual, and he certainly isn’t able to act on it after his father drilled into his head how wrong it is.

But Master’s job is to push limits, including Brayden’s. After watching a homosexual scene between another Master and his sub, Brayden gives a little. When he winds up alone in bed with Mark, Brayden’s barriers break down, and he’s finally able to give in to what he really wants.

Touch to Surrender is book three in the Touch Series by Cara Dee. Each book is a short BDSM story, and they should be read in order. Touch to Surrender picks up right where book two, Twice the Touch, left off. You will still understand the dynamics of the relationship between the characters if you haven’t read the other books, but trust me that they are all worth reading and are best when read in order.

In this book, we get inside the head of a male sub who is having difficulty acknowledging his bisexuality. He wants Mark’s touch, and even wants to touch Mark in return, but feels like it’s wrong to give in to that because of his father’s beliefs. I loved how Mark showed Brayden—and Evangeline—that it was okay for two men to be together. In the context of a BDSM scene, Mark brought in another Master and sub, both men, who also happened to be married. Brayden had no choice but to watch because his Master ordered him to, and then he also had no choice but to admit there was nothing wrong with what the two men in front of him were doing.

Cara Dee has a way of always keeping things realistic. Brayden didn’t just forget what he’d been taught because of the scene he watched. We got to see his true struggle the following morning when he was alone in bed with Mark. He continued to fight his natural urges until he couldn’t take it any longer. Mark’s openness about what he wanted from Brayden pushed him gently, as only a Master could do, resulting in a happy Master and sub, as well as quite a hot read for the reader.

I have yet to find a work by Cara Dee I didn’t love, regardless of the genre, even if it wasn’t something I’d typically read. Touch to Surrender was no different. I look forward to reading the rest of the Touch Series. All of my reviews of Ms. Dee’s books can be found under the Author Spotlight tab.

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Renewed (The Kinky Connect Chronicles Book 2) by Harper Miller – Review and Blog Tour

Renewed Blog Tour Banner


4 out of 5 Stars

*I was provided an ARC of Renewed in exchange for an honest review. I am not compensated for my honest opinion.*

After finding out her husband has been cheating on her, twenty-eight-year-old Tanya is done with him, and with love. But she’s curious about what led him astray. She creates a profile on the kinky website he’s been visiting, and while she’s there, a guy named Kenji finds and befriends her. Even though she’s not looking to make any kinky connections, Tanya finds herself giving in and meeting Kenji when they both happen to be at Heathrow airport at the same time.

The connection Tanya feels to Kenji has her exploring her kinky side in an airport bathroom and even trying out his fetish. But now she has to decide if she’s willing to continue exploring, or if she’s happier keeping her heart safe.

Renewed is another short story that is part of the Kinky Connect Chronicles by Harper Miller. It’s short and to the point, continuing the theme of strangers meeting on a kinky website. I enjoyed the fact that Tanya wasn’t actually looking to make a connection on the website, and at first she and Kenji were only friends. What she really needed was someone to open up to, and Kenji allowed her to do that. This led to their relationship being based on something more than a fetish. But at the same time, it also allowed Tanya to open up in other ways, including exploring Kenji’s foot fetish and exhibitionism.

I have to say that the foot fetish didn’t exactly turn me on, but the author was able to turn up the heat by showing how much the characters enjoyed it. The exhibitionism, on the other hand, was hot all on its own.

I would have liked to know a little more about what Kenji was doing on the website that led him to Tanya, but I understand not everything can be covered in such a short story. For what it did accomplish, Renewed is enjoyable and hot. It’s a quick read that explores the kinkier side of life. I look forward to more stories in this series.

My review of Ironic, the first story in The Kinky Connect Chronicles, can be found by selecting Harper Miller from the Author Spotlight tab.

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blog tour

Renewed Cover

Book Title: Renewed (The Kinky Connect Chronicles Book 2)
Author: Harper Miller
Genre: Erotic Romance/Erotica and Interracial/Multicultural Romance
Release Date: June 22, 2015
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Book Blurb

I was hurt. I was heartbroken. I felt abandoned and emotionally drained.

Sometimes heartache can open new doors.

Of course, names have been changed to protect all parties involved, but this is my story.

*Disclaimer* This is a novelette. Not a short story, novella, or novel. Content is intended for a mature audience, 18+.

Renewed is the second installment in The Kinky Connect Chronicles. The Kinky Connect Chronicles are short erotic stories/novelettes all wrapped up in neat little bows. These stories are standalones. No cliffhangers in the lot!


© Harper Miller 2015

brwngrltrvler: I’m not in NYC at the moment. I’m overseas, for work.

JapKenDoll: Nice! Your passport is getting a workout. That’s right, you did say it was late where you are. Where’d your travels take you?

brwngrltrvler: Why are you asking? You plan on flying all the way from New York, Superman? I’m in London.

There’s a long pause.

JapKenDoll: Good thing I just got my cape back from the dry cleaners. 🙂 Tanya, I kid you not, I’m in Paris for work. It’s Fashion Week, which is a pretty big deal in my industry. I realize this is going to sound crazy, and you’ll probably say no, but I’d like to meet you. I fly out of De Gaulle with a layover at Heathrow for about an hour tomorrow. We can grab a cup of coffee as friends.

Well, that explains him checking into a hotel. Friends. Hmm, friends. Well, Kenji said he was transparent, but he doesn’t want to be just friends; I am sure of it. We were chatting via a kink-centric website. This is where people went for hookups. I’m sure he wanted something, something I most likely couldn’t give him.

brwngrltrvler: That’s a bad idea, Kenji.

JapKenDoll: Better to meet in London than New York, right? Afterward, you go off in your direction, I go in mine, and we never have to see each other again. Humor me. Have coffee with a man you’ll never see again. 🙂

I know it’s a bad idea, everything in my being is screaming it’s a bad idea. I’m emotional, I’m raw, I’m . . . stupid.

brwngrltrvler: What time?

Yes, incredibly stupid.




Meet the Author

Harper Miller is a thirty-something native New Yorker. She’s traveled the world and lived in a variety of places but always finds her way back to the Big Apple.

A lackluster love life leaves time to explore new interests, for Harper it is writing. The Sweetest Taboo: An Unconventional Romance is her debut novel. In her mind the perfect Alpha male possesses intellect, humor, and a kinky streak that rivals the size of California.

When she isn’t writing, Harper utilizes her graduate degree in the field of medical research. She enjoys fitness-related activities, drinking copious amounts of wine, and going on bad dates.

She loves hearing from readers. Feel free to reach out!

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A Kinky Orgasm (Bottom’s Up Book 1) by Amanda Young

A Kinky Orgasm (Bottom’s Up Book 1) by Amanda Young

A Kinky Orgasm Cover

3 out of 5 Stars

At the end of just another day working in the bar Briar owns, he gets the surprise of his life. Truman, the high school jock Briar used to crush on, walks in and orders a kinky orgasm. Innuendo flies between the two men before they finally get down to business; they both want each other. Briar expects this to be a one-night stand, but after all the fun and games, Truman admits he’s always admired Briar’s openness and he’d like to pursue the relationship since he’s moved back home for good.

A Kinky Orgasm is a short M/M erotic work. I enjoyed the plot of the high school jock being interested in the guy who used to be an outcast. It was nice to see Truman admit how he’s always admired Briar since Truman never felt he could be open about his sexuality. Because this was so short, there wasn’t any discussion about how Truman came to be open now. We got glimpses of the abuse Briar suffered in high school, but no information about how he’s treated currently.

The story did have some erotic appeal, but I didn’t love the author’s style. During the erotic scene, it felt like urban dictionary was used to search out every variation of the word cock. Words like tool, meat, stalk, prick, and steely flesh tend to take me out of the moment. There were also quite a few clichés used, and the come-ons were quite obvious.

If you’re looking for a quick, erotic read, this story is mildly enjoyable. Unfortunately, there really wasn’t enough time to explore much other than the erotic experience shared between the two men.

Happy reading!


Twice the Touch (Touch Series Book 2) by Cara Dee

Here is part two of the Cara Dee double feature.

Twice the Touch (Touch Series Book 2) by Cara Dee

Twice the Touch Cover

5 out of 5 Stars

*I was gifted a copy of Twice the Touch by the author. I am not compensated for my honest opinion.*

After a failed marriage, Mark Cooper is happy to live with no attachments. He scenes with subs on occasion, but doesn’t get involved beyond that. Although he owns a chain of gyms, he gladly bartends at a BDSM club called Switch because it keeps him close to the lifestyle, and of course he gets free membership.

One night at the club, Mark is asked to help out a couple who are new to the lifestyle. Their scene has gone from bad to worse when it becomes apparent that Brayden, acting as a Dom, doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing. When Mark takes over with Brayden and Evangeline, he finds more than he ever even though to look for.

Twice the Touch is a sexy novella you’ll want to read in one sitting, mostly because you won’t be able to put it down. It is book two in the Touch series. Although each novella in the series is a standalone, it makes most sense to read them in order as the stories continue from one book to the next. The main characters from book one have a small part in Twice the Touch, but I don’t think you need to have read Look but Don’t Touch to understand the story.

Brayden and Evangeline have been trying out some BDSM for a little while, switching roles when they play. But they don’t really know what they’re doing, and when Mark enters their scene, he’s quick to realize that both of them are more comfortable in the role of submissive. One of the things I love about this book is the amount of detail it gives on safe play. Even as Mark takes over the role of Dom from Brayden, he asks permission to touch Evangeline. He clarifies the rules, and the narrative of the story provides details on the rules of the club. I haven’t found many authors who write BDSM correctly, but Cara Dee definitely does.

While Mark really wasn’t looking for any sort of attachment, he couldn’t help wanting to take Brayden and Evangeline under his wing and explore the lifestyle with them. I enjoyed reading about exploring their limits and how Mark quickly became attached to them.

Mark, Evangeline, and Brayden’s story doesn’t end with the completion of this novella, but it did come to a satisfying conclusion that didn’t leave me feeling like anything was missing. Of course, I’m excited to read the next installment, Touch to Surrender, to find out more about Brayden and continue on this journey with these characters.

Another five-star read from Cara Dee. All of my reviews of Cara’s work can be found under the Author Spotlight menu at the top of the page.

Happy reading!


Ironic (The Kinky Connect Chronicles Book 1) by Harper Miller

Ironic (The Kinky Connect Chronicles Book 1) by Harper Miller

Ironic Cover

4 out of 5 Stars

Mimi has been in a bit of a dry spell, and her sexual appetite just isn’t happy about that. She creates a profile on a kinky website and meets sexy, dominant Aden. Aden is older and knows exactly what he’s looking for in an intimate encounter. After a steamy video chat, Mimi and Aden agree to meet up the following night for one night of mind-blowing kink. But one night is all Mimi offers. She doesn’t do do-overs.

Ironic is a steamy short story, so be sure to read it alone or have your special someone nearby. It’s a very quick read that will leave you panting for more. I loved that both characters were confident and not at all interested in hiding what they were after. They found each other on a kinky website, so why be shy? Aden definitely has a dominant personality that comes through in the way he interacts with Mimi. Mimi, whose profile lists her as submissive, was a bit more forward than I expected when speaking to someone she wanted to dominate her, although she made no secret of the fact that she wouldn’t mind a little punishment.

The only drawback of this story is that it’s too short to really get into a lot of kink. It’s more of a “wham, bam, thank you, ma’am” story. But you won’t be disappointed if you’re looking for some heat! I enjoyed this short and would definitely read more from Harper Miller.

Happy reading!